E-Score Celebrity Report – Summer 2021

We are pleased to present the 2021 E-Score Celebrity Report!

This comprehensive report, with a FREE sample available through the following link: E-Score Celebrity Report, offers a look at the top performing celebrities of 2021.

The topics covered in this report showcase the limitless ways E-Score Celebrity can help guide your key decisions on talent, endorsements, and critical trends, including:

  • Celebrity Trends – Summer 2021
  • Top African American Celebrities
  • Top Hispanic/Latino Celebrities
  • Top Asian Celebrities
  • Top Celebrities Under Age 30 To Invest In
  • MVPs: Star Athlete Endorsers
  • Inspirational Celebrities
  • Celebrity Fashion Influencers
  • E-Score Trends
  • Finding The Right Brand Ambassador

A few highlights from the report:

Blue Chip Celebrities: Top Celebrities Under Age 30 To Invest In

We ranked the top 20 celebrities under age 30 that have the right combination of Appeal, Social Media Buzz, and impact attributes such as Cool, Exciting, Talented, and Real (Authentic). These are some of the names that stand out:

  • The Top Five: Internet celebrities MrBeast and Liza Koshy take the top two spots, followed by actors Keke Palmer, Tom Holland, and Zendaya.
  • Hip Hop Influencers: Travis Scott (rank 7), Young Thug (rank 8), Megan Thee Stallion (rank 9), 21 Savage (rank 11).
  • Dual Threats (Music & Acting):Nick Jonas (rank 14), Selena Gomez (rank 13), Dua Lipa (rank 16), Hailee Steinfeld (rank 20), Halle Bailey (rank 19).

MVPs: Star Athlete Endorsers

We look at athletes with the highest Endorsement Score among young consumers and consumers age 30 and above.

  • Trevor Lawrence: the #1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft will look to make a big impact both on and off the field. Heavily hyped as a prospect for years, Lawrence already cracks the top 10 athlete Endorsement Score ranking among consumers under age 30 (rank 10) without having taken a professional snap yet.
  • Two names show endorsement power among consumers of all ages: Tom Brady (rank 4 among under 30 and rank 7 among 30+) and Aaron Rodgers (rank 6 for both age groups).
  • Tennis star, Serena Williams, makes the top 5 for consumers under 30 (rank 3) and consumers 30+ (rank 3). She’s joined by her sister, Venus, who ranks 2nd among consumers age 30+.

Inspirational Celebrities

We identified the top 20 celebrities with the strongest Inspirational score among consumers age 13+.

  • Amanda Gorman (rank 1) – at the age of 23, was the youngest poet to perform at a Presidential Inauguration.
  • Simone Biles (rank 3) – 24-year-old Olympic gold medalist is going for more gold at the Tokyo Olympics.
  • Amandla Stenberg (rank 18) – the youngest celebrity in the top 20 at age 22, Stenberg is already one of the strongest voices when it comes to social activism.

Finding The Right Brand Ambassador

Using the MRI E-Score Celebrity Fusion, we match beverage consumers from different categories with celebrity talent they know and love.

  • Chris Paul (rank 1) – has the top Index among potential endorsers for the sports drink category.
  • Trevor Lawrence (rank 1) – The up-and-coming NFL rookie QB ranks as the top potential endorser in the energy drink category.   

Data Intelligence: API & Data Export

After listening to our 100+ E-Score clients, E-Poll Market Research is announcing the release of our new API and Data Intelligence services for E-Score products and services. 

In addition to E-Score’s powerful web-based MediaSync interface, we now offer data access for clients who desire an API option, along with fully customizable Data Intelligence solutions.

Contact mwaxman@epoll.com to learn more about how you can immediately access E-Score Celebrity by trying a one-month subscription at just $4,995.

We hope you download our E-Score Celebrity Report to explore the possibilities of what E-Score Celebrity, along with its simple brand dashboard and robust data capabilities, can do for your brand.

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