Top 10 Solutions Using E-Score Data Intelligence: Part 2

Plus: New API for E-Score Celebrity

This week in Part 2, we expand on ways you can get the most out of E-Score with five additional solutions that utilize MediaSync to deliver results tailored for your specific needs.

Rankings Tailored To Your Needs

Our robust MediaSync interface enables clients to customize their searches using selection criteria based on their own internal needs.  Below are some top examples of typical rankings our clients use through our Smart Search feature:

6. Objective – Casting: A young, up-and-coming African-American talent is needed for a new streaming TV series:  We generated a ranking of African-American actors and actresses with lower awareness, but strong fan connection among consumers who stream TV shows.  Here are three examples that fit that criteria:


7. Objective – Female Celebrity Brand Ambassador: We generated a ranking of female celebrities who are strong endorsers based on this formula – are Influential, Physically Fit, and are Trend-Setters among women age 25-54.  All three women have above average awareness among target consumers. Here are three examples that fit the criteria:


8. Objective – Comedian for campaign targeting Hispanic/Latino consumers.  Generate a ranking of comedians with strong appeal, high endorser ranking, solid fan connection, and are Funny among Hispanic/Latino consumers.  Here are three that stand out:


9. Objective – Product & TV Series Pairing: A CPG brand is looking to collaborate with a popular TV series to attract younger consumers.  Our formula included the attribute Cool among consumers under the age of 30.  Here are three TV entertainment franchise examples that fit the criteria:


10. Objective – Ad Sales Pitch: A sports network is looking for advantages compared to its competitive set for potential ad sales opportunities.  We generated a ranking of ad-supported cable sports networks among men age 18-49 with strong interest in sports programming.  Here’s the top three sports networks described as Entertaining:

If you don’t have the bandwidth to create these or any of the solutions featured in our 2 part series, our Data Intelligence service provides our clients with the customization they need across all of our products without having to do the work.  We can deliver à la carte reports, or schedule monthly or quarterly reports as your needs arise.

API Release -Available Now

After listening to our 100+ E-Score clients, E-Poll Market Research announced the release of our new API and Data Intelligence services for E-Score products and services.

You now have the ability to merge our powerful data with your applications to get the customized answers you need in today’s competitive marketplace.

  • E-Score API enables clients to give their programmers the capability to integrate MediaSync data and insights into their proprietary in-house dashboard or other web-based applications.
  • Data Intelligence options can be licensed as a regularly scheduled data delivery for any E-Score product in flat-file format for offline data analysis or merging with your custom data set.

The API for E-Score Brand, Programs, Character and Music will be released the first week of September. 

Please contact us to learn more about our API and Data Intelligence offerings.

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