Top 10 Solutions Using E-Score Data – Part 1 PLUS: New API

E-Score products can be used in a multitude of ways including using our chosen scores or creating your own customized scores. In this two-part series, we share our top 10 solutions that you can create using your own MediaSync access, or tap into our Data Intelligence offering and we’ll do it for you.

Part 1 – Create Your Own Custom Score

Based on client feedback, these are the most popular custom scores we’ve created from years of understanding our business and your needs.  You can do the same using the key elements that are critical to you, and we can help you:

1. Custom Index Using KPIs:  Fitness category brand leaders tend to post strong scores for attributes such as A Leader, High-Quality, Practical, Innovative, and Unique.  At-home fitness brands over-index when factoring in these key attributes, such as:


2. Passionate Fan Index (PFI):  We applied our PFI to E-Score Programs Cable/Streaming. The Spanish crime drama Money Heist found global success on Netflix and is one of the most-watched series overall on the streamer. 


3. Net Equity Score:  We identified a female TV and film character with strong consumer demand to build around.   The following all post strong Net Equity scores:


4. Buzz Score:  We used our Buzz Score to see which of the new streaming services are generating the most positive buzz among consumers under age 30:


Generate Custom Benchmarks/Averages

Create your own custom benchmark to use for comparison based on the demographic profile that you’ve specified.  Determine strengths and weaknesses by comparing the score for any metric against that benchmark.

5. Objective – Identify A Celebrity Spokesperson Among Early Adopters Ages 25-54: An agency is looking for a celebrity who performs strongly across key metrics that align with the brand. We generated a short-list of the top 3 that exceed the spokesperson average in specific metrics among the target demographic.

Next week, we will cover the remaining five solutions which involve using MediaSync to tailor search results that meet your specific criteria. If you need a refresher on how to achieve what we’ve covered here, please let us know. 

Or if you don’t have the bandwidth, our Data Intelligence service provides our clients with the customization they need with all of our products without having to do the work.  We can deliver à la carte, or schedule monthly or quarterly reports.

API Release – Available Now

After listening to our 100+ E-Score clients, E-Poll Market Research is announcing the release of our new API and Data Intelligence services for E-Score products and services.

You now have the ability to merge our powerful data with your data applications to get the customized answers you need in today’s competitive marketplace.

  • E-Score API enables clients to give their programmers the capability to integrate MediaSync data and insights into their proprietary in-house dashboard or other web-based applications.
  • Data Intelligence options can be licensed as a regularly scheduled data delivery for any E-Score product in flat-file format for offline data analysis or merging with your custom data set.

The API for E-Score Brand, Programs, Character and Music will be released the first week of September. 

Please contact us to learn more about our API and Data Intelligence offerings.


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