Measure Brand Mascot Success PLUS New API

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A brand mascot embodies a brand’s key attributes and often becomes a household name. But how do you find the right brand mascot or know when a mascot has run its course for a brand?

Using E-Score Character – Brand Mascot we used our diverse database of corporate characters to show the way agencies, advertisers and brands can measure the success of their mascot or a competitor’s.

Net Equity Ranking

The attributes we measure for all characters can be combined to form a custom score to quickly determine what best aligns with your goals. In this example, we measure a brand mascot’s Net Equity by using both the Would Like to See More and Would Like to See Less scores.

  • Progressive already has popular characters who make regular appearances in ads but their newest brand mascot, Parenta-Life Coach Dr. Rick, has received a warm welcome since being introduced in 2020.
  • AT&T’s Lily has stood the test of time and holds a positive Net Equity (+11) despite being introduced over seven years ago.
  • Allstate switched creative leads in 2020, while shelving their Mayhem character. This popular brand mascot, however, still shows a positive Net Equity along with top scores in Funny, Unique, Exciting and Cool giving Allstate plenty of good reasons to bring him back.

Net Equity: By Target Consumer

Agencies and advertisers can further filter their results by multiple types of demographics to find their specific target consumers. In this example we found the top performing mascots among two different demographics: African Americans ages 13-49 and Hispanic/Latinos ages 13-49, using Net Equity scores

  • Lily has been featured in bilingual ads on Spanish-speaking channels in the U.S. and has the largest Net Equity score among Hispanic/Latino consumers.
  • Jake from State Farm Insurance holds the top Net Equity among African Americans. While the character Jake was introduced in 2011, this is the 2020 reboot played by actor Kevin Miles.
  • Farmers Insurance’s Professor Burke and M&M’s are two brand mascots that make the top five Net Equity scores for both African American and Hispanic/Latino lists.

NEW – API / Data Intelligence

After listening to our 100+ E-Score clients, E-Poll Market Research is announcing the release of our new API and Data Intelligence services for E-Score on June 18th.

You now have the ability to merge our powerful data with your data applications to get the customized answers you need in today’s competitive marketplace. 

  • E-Score API enables clients to give their programmers the capability to integrate MediaSync data and insights into their proprietary in-house dashboard or other web-based applications.
  • Data Intelligence options can be licensed as a regularly scheduled data delivery for any E-Score product in flat-file format for offline data analysis or merging with your custom data set. 

These two options also provide the ability to create your own custom scores such as Net Equity, Passionate Fan Index, Endorsement Score and many more. 

Many data options can already be found in our Smart Search feature in MediaSync, however, if you don’t have the bandwidth to manage these tools, we can do it for you.  Our goal is to give you the most valuable information possible right now at your fingertips.

Please contact an E-Poll sales representative to find out about options and pricing for your customized access to this valuable information. 


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