How Agencies Benefit from Endorsement & Fan Scores – 3 Key Findings

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Advertisers, brands and PR agencies need a reliable source to identify a new celebrity or position an existing one for their marketing needs. Endorsement and Fan Scores are two critical measures that evaluate the strengths of a celebrity in their respective areas. 

This week we illustrate 3 ways these celebrity brokers rely on our affordable suite of key measures to make more impactful decisions.

Use Case 1: Celebrity Already Chosen – Capitalizing on Trends

When brands have an endorser already in mind, it’s crucial to confirm if the partnership is a good fit for the audience that is being targeted. E-Score Celebrity helps them identify their key attributes and lock in the overall equity they bring to the brand. In this case, we used a brand looking at a partnership with rapper Travis Scott, who is trending in many key measures in the past year. 

  • Travis Scott gets a substantial boost in Endorsement Score which coincides with his rise in Awareness, Appeal, and Fan Score. Despite not releasing an album since 2019, his stock has been rising as he launched his own seltzer brand (Cacti) and is often paired in entertainment news alongside Kylie Jenner.
  • Travis Scott scores well with a brand looking for an influential celebrity to partner with. He exceeds the average in Trend-Setter, Cool, Talented, and Good Energy, among others. 
  • E-Score Celebrity can also uncover warning signs with our list of negative attributes. The good news for Travis Scott is his relatively low Over-Exposed score considering his recent success.

Use Case 2: Comparing a Short List of Potentials – Up and Coming Brand

When you have a short list of available celebrities but need to find the right one for your brand partnership, E-Score’s MediaSync interface offers you simple tools to refine your search. In our example, we use internet celebrities highly rated among young adults to demonstrate how E-Score Celebrity identifies standouts for an up and coming brand that needs the exposure.

  • Lilly Singh built a strong foundation on YouTube and became one of the platform’s top stars. She shares the top Influential score with Liza Koshy, and her position as a comedic power player led her to become the first person of Indian descent to host an American late-night talk show.
  • When it comes to all things technology, Marques Brownlee has become one of the leading voices on YouTube. He ranks only behind TikTok magician Zach King on the “Cool” factor. 

Use Case 3: Choosing from 100’s of options – Hispanic Stars

Maybe you already have a specific campaign with an “ideal” spokesperson in mind, but have many celebrities that fit into your desired mix. In this example, we look at Hispanic celebrities and narrow the list to top 10 prospects for the brand filtered by Fan Score, one of our newest attributes that measures the passionate fan base connected to a specific celebrity.

  • Pedro Pascal is one of the hottest actors working right now and he is building a passionate fan base. It helps when you’re attached to tentpole franchises such as Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian, and the upcoming video game adaptation The Last of Us. The top qualities that compliment his top Fan Score include Confident (31), Charming (29), and Good Energy (29). 
  • With a film catalog that has grossed over $11 billion at the box office worldwide, Zoe Saldana is the only actress to be in three of the top five grossing films of all time. She has built a strong fan following thanks to roles in the Star Trek, Marvel, and Avatar universes. The top qualities include Good Energy (31), Confident (30), and Cool (29). 

E-Score’s subscription model offers a discreet interface with 12,000 celebrities to identify everyone from up-and-comers to established endorser powerhouses.

For more information about E-Score Celebrity, and how it can help your business, please contact us here.

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