2021 E-Score Brand Report

We are pleased to announce the 2021 E-Score Brand Report, now available as a free download through the following link: CLICK HERE.

In this report, we tackle current issues from the world of media, entertainment and brand marketing, including these hot topics:

  • Crocs Capitalizes on Post Malone’s Influence Among Young Consumers
  • Sephora Elevates Kohl’s Beauty Experience & Attracts Gen Z Women
  • Lemonade Is Primed To Disrupt The Insurance Marketplace
  • Travel Industry: Where Do Consumers Feel Safest?
  • Finding The Next Video Game Adaptation: Red Dead Redemption

The E-Score Brand Report is a regular quarterly benefit for subscribers, combining the insight of E-Poll’s experienced research team with data from E-Score Brand’s monthly survey database featuring 3,000 national brands and counting

In our never-ending effort to provide the most useful data to our clients, we are also excited to announce new features coming to E-Score Brand later this year. Some of these include:

  • Brand Buzz – Heard anything positive or negative about the brand in the past month.
  • Net Promoter Score® – Identifies brand Promoters, Passives and Detractors.
  • Social Media Engagement – How does the brand engage with consumers through social media?
  • Brand Superfans – Who are your most passionate fans?
  • Brand Status – Who’s hot, who has peaked, and who’s on the rise?
  • A list of Attributes and Attachment Statements updated for today’s consumers.

The following are some of the key observations from our full report:

Brand X Celebrity Partnerships: Crocs & Post Malone

The footwear brand Crocs has targeted younger consumers through collaborations with music artists such as Post Malone, Bad Bunny, Justin Bieber, and Luke Combs. Post Malone has collaborated with Crocs on five limited edition releases so far with each drop selling out in short order. Using E-Score Brand and E-Score Celebrity, we explore what makes this pairing so successful among consumers under age 30. 

  • Crocs capitalizes on Post Malone’s influence among young consumers. The Crocs x Post Malone collaboration has led to five sold-out limited-edition releases so far.
  • Post Malone outperforms the spokesperson category average for traits such as Exciting, Influential, and Inspirational – all are traits where Crocs typically underperforms compared to other footwear brands.
  • Post Malone exceeds the spokesperson category average when it comes to Awareness, Appeal, Endorsement Power, and having a passionate fan base.

Brand Partnerships: Sephora & Kohl’s

In 2021, Kohl’s will add the Sephora premium beauty experience to many of their locations as well as online as they look to target younger consumers. Using E-Score Brand, we highlight what Sephora brings to the table as a partner among a key young consumer group: Gen Z women

  • Sephora elevates Kohl’s beauty experience and attracts a key consumer demographic: Gen Z women.
  • Sephora outperforms both Kohl’s and the retail category average for key metrics such as brand Appeal, Loyalty, and Purchase Consideration.

Brand Disruptor: Lemonade

Rising insurance disruptor, Lemonade, recently announced plans to expand their portfolio with an auto insurance offering coming in late 2021. Using E-Score Brand, we examine the growth potential of this brand disruptor and how it compares to an industry leader such as MetLife.

  • As a brand challenger, Lemonade needs to continue to grow consumer Awareness. To do this, Lemonade will need to continue to outperform established competitors such as MetLife when it comes to advertising recall and positive buzz surrounding the brand.
  • As Lemonade grows and expands their offerings, can they continue to keep current customers satisfied (positive NPS) and Loyal – both are areas where they currently outperform MetLife.
  • The opportunity is there as consumers seem ready for an alternative. Lemonade outperforms MetLife by double-digits when it comes to brand Appeal and Fandom, Interest in New Products/Services, Better Than Competitors, and Makes My Life Better. For a complete view of all the data, click here for the full report

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity and download our FREE 2021  E-Score Brand report to view the complete data previewed above. To find out how your brand ranks, or for any other brand questions and comments, please contact us directly at 877-MY-EPOLL or via email to brand@epoll.com.

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