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If the celebrity you choose must have strong endorsement potential along with a social media presence and strong fan base, E-Score Celebrity offers an indispensable tool for your needs. Major advertisers, brands, and PR agencies rely on our affordable suite of critical measures to make their decision making easier.

E-Score Celebrity’s most recently updated features include an Endorsement, Fan, and Social Impact Score created to meet the demanding needs with a comprehensive system for evaluating the strength of celebrities in these critical areas.

Brand Value Alignment: Endorsement Score

Our Endorsement Score helps brands and agencies determine how effective a particular celebrity will be in driving purchase of goods or services. To show how E-Score Celebrity helps brands and agencies target a key demographic, we searched for strong endorsers among a target consumer group such as Parents.  The following celebrities have high Endorsement Scores and exceed the average across four key traits that are important to parents.

  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is among the top scoring celebrities among parents and generating twice the celebrity average in traits that parents value. His deal with Under Armour has proven to be one of the most successful in sports apparel.
  • When marketing to parents, it’s hard to go wrong with Reese Witherspoon whose high marks in Good Energy and Cool make her a great fit for any brand including Crate & Barrel, a brand that has successfully partnered with the actress bringing her southern style to home décor.
  • Insurance companies such as State Farm not only partner with celebrities who have high affinity among their target demographic but need endorsers to be a good fit with their comedic ad campaigns. Paul Rudd fit the bill with an impressive Funny score along with above average marks in all other key traits valued by parents.

Building a Brand Around a Celebrity’s Followers: Fan Score

Our Fan Score measures the passionate fan base connected to a specific celebrity. This helpful tool can aid brands and agencies looking to capitalize on a celebrity’s built-in recognition and appeal. Athleta, a D2C brand on the rise, has recently signed Simone Biles away from Nike in a push to position itself as an activewear leader. Using E-Score Celebrity, we explored the success of the partnership amongst their key demographic: female fitness enthusiasts.

  • With the Tokyo Olympics on the horizon and a Fan Score more than doubling the spokesperson average, Simone Biles has the fanbase to positively impact her new partnership with Athleta.
  • Athleta is looking to compete with goliaths in the activewear category. With an ambassador like Simone Biles, who scores above the charts in Inspirational, Good Energy, and Influential, the brand is positioning itself to be a household name among its key demographic.
  • Consumer Comments reveal what people are saying about Simone Biles in their own words. “One of my all time faves, insanely talented, leader, role model, GOAT” and “Good example to follow” are a few examples of how consumers view the Olympic athlete.

Influencer Marketing: Social Impact Score

It’s clear social media plays a crucial role in any brand marketing strategy, and finding the right influencer that aligns with your brand is no easy task. Our Social Impact Score is a more refined and accurate way to identify a celebrity’s social media influence that goes beyond a follower count. We used E-Score Celebrity to identify potential influencers or brands and agencies interested in internet celebs or rising stars that can move the needle right now among young consumers.

  • Jayon Tatum has the top Social Impact Score on our list making him an ideal candidate for a brand looking to partner with an athlete who is on the path to super stardom and shows strong affinity among young adults. 
  • Illusionist and YouTube/Tiktok star, Zach King, has the top Appeal score among young adults on our list and has already been a part of successful campaign with franchises like Jumanji and brands like Videoleap.
  • MrBeast holds the top Influential score on our list and his viral videos giving away thousands of dollars to strangers have been mostly funded by endorsements making the philanthropist YouTube star the perfect ambassador for brands looking to get in the good graces of young adults. He’s also at the forefront of the rising virtual restaurant brand trend with 600 MrBeast Burger locations and counting.

Endorsement, Social Impact and Fan scores are examples of the type of innovation and leadership E-Score Celebrity continues to bring to the world of celebrity marketing and further evidence of our commitment to provide the most useful, valuable tools to support your critical business decisions.

For more information about E-Score Celebrity, and how it can help your business, please contact us here.

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