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The trend of adapting video games to TV series is taking the streaming world by storm. Using E-Score Programs in conjunction with E-Score Brand and E-Score Celebrity, we can measure the effective elements of an existing show, predict the success of an upcoming show, and highlight potential candidates in either category for adaptation.

Existing Franchises: The Witcher

The videogame industry experienced record sales and play rates in 2020, and the huge success of The Witcher on Netflix and as a game has created a market for videogame adaptations to attract A-list talent.  We used E-Score Brand and Programs to see how the achievements of The Witcher as an entertainment franchise align with its success as a television program among TV influencers.

  • High Quality is one of The Witcher’s top attributes, scoring well above the average. Quality is key in identifying franchises that find transmedia success, including as a novel, series, video game, and now TV series.
  •  Exciting is also a key driver of Appeal in both the TV show and for the entertainment franchise overall, showing how attributes of the franchise can carry over to a TV or streaming adaptation. For a full list of attributes, click though to our blog.
  • Consumer Comments reveal what viewers think of a show in their own words, and viewers of The Witcher call the show “Gritty fantasy with fascinating and complex protagonists” and “a great fantasy drama series from a novel”.

Potential TV Hits: Red Dead Redemption

Predicting which video game franchise will be a hit TV show is no easy task, but using E-Score Brand that task becomes a lot easier with the key measures it offers clients. Winner of the 2021 Steam Game of the Year award, Red Dead Redemption 2 is the sequel videogame in the franchise with the same title. Using E-Score Brand we identified key drivers of the franchise’s Appeal that would translate to a hit TV show.

  • There is strong consumer attachment to the Red Dead Redemption brand with Brand Loyalty that is +21 above the entertainment franchise average along with strong scores in Would Try Brand’s New Products/Services and Better Than Competitors.
  • Entertaining, Cool and Fun are Red Dead Redemption’s attributes that are all comfortably above the entertainment franchise average by +14, showing promising potential for a television series.
  • The franchise is considered High Quality, scoring twice the entertainment franchise average as it has released two highly successful video games. Fans of the franchise will be expecting the high standards to extend to a potential series.

The Last of Us

HBO’s TV adaptation of the widely popular video game, The Last of Us, is in development with stars like Pedro Pascal already attached to the project. Using E-Score Brand and Celebrity we can discover how a star like Pedro Pascal aligns with the entertainment franchise to enhance the Appeal of the project.

  • Along with anabove average Appeal, The Last of Us shows great potential as a TV series hitting high marks in key attributes such as Cool, Fun and Exciting.
  • Unique is a top attribute for both The Last of Us and former Game of Thrones and The Madalorian star Pedro Pascal, who has been cast as the lead role in the upcoming adaptation.

New E-Score Brand

E-Score Brand has recently introduced a series of enhancements including:

  • Net Promoter Score® (NPS®)
  • Ad Recall
  • Brand Buzz
  • Brand Fandom
  • Social Media Engagement
  • New Brand Attributes

The E-Score suite of products continues to offer the most vital and affordable tools necessary to find the answers you are looking for. For more information, please contact us

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