2024 Election Early Look – Republican Hopefuls

Not two weeks since the stands from the Biden/Harris Inauguration were taken down, Republican hopefuls for 2024 are positioning themselves and lining up fundraising in hopes of capturing the momentum for the primaries.

Using E-Score Celebrity, we took a look at public perception of some of the early Republican favorites to run in 2024 to see how they are viewed both nationally among all voters and among Republicans. Former Vice President, Mike Pence is among the top contenders in Awareness and holds the top Social Impact Score among Republicans and one of the highest nationally. Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley, and Ron DeSantis are in the top three in Appeal among Republicans, but all need to improve Awareness with scores below 20%. Liz Cheney and Larry Hogan are two Republican hopefuls that score better in Appeal among national voters than among their own party. (Note: These scores were taken after the Capitol riots on January 6th).

a table showing public perceptions of potential Republican presidential candidates for 2024

As many corporations and large donors are carefully looking at the how specific candidates acted before and after the events of January 6th, many of the hopefuls will require strong Awareness, Appeal and a Social Impact Score if they are going to achieve broad-based fundraising. As a contrast, the Social Impact Scores of the Democratic side for young up and comers such as Vice President Kamala Harris (39), Alexandria Occasio-Cortez (39),Cory Booker (30), Stacey Abrams (28) and Pete Buttigieg (27) show that they exceed most of their top Republican counterparts on the national level.

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