Celebrity Trends for 2021

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With the start of a new year we used E-Score Celebrity to highlight some key trends we see coming this year in celebrity marketing. E-Score Celebrity’s database of more than 11,000 celebrities is the perfect tool to plan your celebrity marketing strategies for the new year.

Celebrities Adapt to Streaming

Accelerated by the pandemic, streaming has been on the rise and celebrities are capitalizing on this growth. Celebrities are recognizing streaming’s many impacts and are making the shift towards all available platforms. Here are some examples:

  • Always on top of current trends, the Kardashian empire has moved to Hulu, which looks to be a good fit as our data shows all the Kardashian/Jenner sisters scoring above average in Endorsement Score, Social Impact Score, and Awareness among Hulu viewers.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has continued to grow a national profile thanks partly to her efforts in social media. She recently started appearing on Twitch with well-known streamers, complementing her popular Instagram Live talks. AOC’s Social Impact Score rises to 43 among streamers, which is 8th out of all politicians and up considerably from 27 among non-streamers.
  • The direct-to-consumer model has caught on among celebrities as sites such as Cameo, Instagram Live, OnlyFans, Patreon and more are allowing celebrities to engage directly with fans and monetize their celebrity.

Endorsement Superstar: Zendaya

E-Score Celebrity is the leader in evaluating celebrity endorsement prospects, and one emerging endorsement superstar we have identified is Zendaya. The multi-hyphenate celebrity has a powerful connection to a fan base of young women aged 13-34, which sets her up well for endorsements in several categories.

  • Zendaya has a massive Endorsement Score (ability to influence purchases) of 81 among women 13-34 which is nearly 50 points above the celebrity average. She also scores above average by ten or more points in the attributes Activist, Beautiful, Glamorous, Stylish, Trend-Setter among many more.
  • Zendaya is also a spokesperson for Lancôme and our data reflects on why the partnership is so successful.

Hip-Hop Influencers Generate Buzz

Hop-Hop influencers are some of the most effective buzz-agents in celebrity marketing. Using our new Social Impact Score in E-Score Celebrity, we can accurately identify a celebrity’s social media influence. Below are some of the top Social Impact Scores among musicians.

  • Rap/Hip-Hop is the musical genre with highest Social Impact Scores with over half the musicians on the top ten belonging to that genre.
  • Khalid, J. Cole and Trey Songz are the top three musicians with the highest Social Impact Scores and all score above double the category average (30).

New Celebrity Brand

Although celebrities and brand partnerships aren’t a new trend, the relationship between the two has certainly evolved. Celebrities are taking a much bigger stake in the brands they represent either through ownership, investment, or creative direction. In a future newsletter, we will take a closer look at some of the most successful celebrity brands like Dwayne Johnson’s Teremana Tequila or Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty.


New Look E-Score Celebrity and E-Score Brand

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