E-Score Products – Trends We See for 2021

E-Poll’s E-Score family of research products are designed to bring you cost-effective and targeted insights driving your business decisions, and we’ve highlighted some key trends for 2021 that we’ve spotted in each of our E-Score research products. We will be covering these trends in greater detail in future newsletters.

E-Score Celebrity Trends

E-Score Celebrity features a database of 11,000+ celebrities and all the tools you need to make profitable celebrity marketing decisions. Here are some celebrity trends we expect to see in the coming months.

  • Celebrities Adapt to the New Streaming Landscape: The pandemic accelerated the shift toward streaming and celebrities are capitalizing on a variety of streaming options. Such as:
  • The Kardashian empire moves to Hulu. Brand data shows Hulu viewers have higher awareness of Kim and a higher Social Impact Score among 18-54 year olds compared to  non-Hulu viewers of the same age (33 vs 25).
  • AOC shows politicians the untapped power of live streaming to reach constituents.
  • Social media streaming outlets such as Instagram Live and Cameo have created new opportunities for celebrities to connect with their fans.
  • Endorsement Superstar: Keanu Reeves: The star actor has been on a hot streak and he topped our rankings in 2020 for the highest Endorsement Score (up from #8 in 2019) and Fan Score (up from #11 in 2019).
  • Hip-Hop Influencers Generate Buzz: Hip-hop influencers are some of the most effective buzz-agents, and we’ll use E-Score Celebrity’s Social Impact Score to look at how hip-hop stars like Travis Scott, J. Cole, Tyler, The Creator and more are leveraging their networks with major brands and sponsorships.

E-Score Brand

First, look for a major upgrade to E-Score Brand coming February 15th.  With almost 3,000 national brands and 14 years of trends, E-Score Brand is the most effective way to explore the connection between consumers and your brand. Below are some brand trends in 2021.

  • D2C Brands Rise as E-Commerce Dominates: With the pandemic driving consumers online more than ever, D2C brands have seen increased exposure and sales among a growing consumer population. In 2021, marketing beyond social media with TV advertising and pop-up shopping experiences has D2C brands well positioned to grow their reach in an ever-changing retail landscape. Some of the D2C categories and brands we’ll analyze include:
  1. Food delivery services such as Instacart (Loyalty +8%), Goldbelly, Grubhub (A Leader +5%), DoorDash, etc.
  2. Home cooking products such as Great Jones, Caraway, Our Place, etc.
  3. Fitness & Health brands such as Peloton (Cutting Edge +5%), Mirror, FightCamp, etc.
  4. Activewear brands such as Alo Yoga, Gym Shark, Lululemon (Luxurious +8%), etc.
  • The New Celebrity Brand: Celebrities, through ownership, investment or creative direction, are taking a much bigger stake in their brand partnerships and consumers are responding. Whether it’s Dwayne Johnson involved in the creation of Teremana Tequila, Ryan Reynolds becoming an owner and spokesperson for Mint Mobile, or Rihanna giving make-up tutorials on YouTube for her Fenty Beauty brand, consumers are connecting with brands through the authenticity and personal access to their celebrity representatives.

E-Score Programs

Covering streaming, broadcast and cable, E-Score Programs provides a wealth of data about why viewers watch a program and what they like and don’t like about it. One programming trend we’ll be exploring for 2021 is the upcoming Gen Z/Millennial programming wave driven by videogame and YA (Young Adult Fiction) adaptations. We’ll investigate a series of major videogame and YA fiction adaptations to see which ones have the most consumer appeal.

E-Score Character

With over 5,000 characters in our database, E-Score Character uncovers what drives appeal in America’s favorite characters from brands, movies and television. Here are some character trends we will be seeing in 2021.

  • Peak Nostalgia: 2021 will see a huge slate of familiar characters and franchises getting the reboot/spinoff treatment as networks and streamers continue to pursue built-in fan bases. Using E-Score Character, we’ll identify characters from film and television that are reboot/spin-off ready among consumers age 13-49.

E-Score Music

E-Score Music allows you to assess the appetite for an artists’ music, performances, merchandise, and entertainment. Here are some of the music trends coming this year.

  • Streaming Content Watch: Music Artists: The streaming wars have created a gold rush for content and music artists are benefiting with a variety of opportunities to expand their personal brands. We mentioned brand collaborations above, but there is also strong interest in crossovers to TV and film with documentaries being the recent buzzworthy trend (Bee Gees/HBO Max, The Beatles/Disney+, Billie Eilish/Apple TV+). Since revivals are hot, it might be time to bring back the classic VH1 series Behind the Music. Using E-Score Music, we’ll explore the artists that generate strong interest among consumers for features in either TV or film.

The E-Score family of research products offers you a turnkey interface delivering meaningful data in a cost-friendly pricing package. Keep an eye out for these topics and more in our upcoming newsletters and contact us today to see how valuable E-Score can be.  Some are available on a free one month trial.

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