The Top 12 Insights Leading Into 2021

If there is one thing we learned this past year it is that predictions are irrelevant, and that the pandemic forced a paradigm shift in almost every way we do business.  And the effects will last well into 2021 and beyond.

All of us at E-Poll Market Research have been impacted by the pandemic as we know most or all of our client have been as well, and we send our best wishes and hopes for a much better year ahead. As we look back on this year of change and uncertainty, please enjoy these ‘most read’ highlights of our recent research and let us know the issues you’re thinking about for 2021. 

  1. Covid-19 – StayAtHome Survey – What Has Changed?

We looked back at some trends that were anticipated by our survey at the start of the pandemic. Did the predictions hold true? Given what we know now, what does it mean for the future? See our analysis here.

2. What Makes a Spokescharacter a Superstar?

Spokescharacters add personality and emotional appeal to a product or brand and can symbolize the brand’s key attributes or benefits. But what makes a spokescharacter a superstar? E-Poll identified the four strongest-performing attributes of top spokescharacters. See them here.

3. A ‘Gut Check’ of America’s Concerns, Hopes, and Lifestyles

With attitudes and behaviors unsettled by the pandemic, E-Poll Market Research conducted a survey to explore Americans’ feelings about the new situation. The findings reveal a very unsettled but somewhat optimistic populace with variances by age, gender, and political affiliation. See the report.

4. E-Score Brand – What’s Ahead for 2021?

The economic fallout from the pandemic and the behavior changes that went along with it have created opportunities and dilemmas for all brands going into 2021. These examples from our recent free report show how your brand can move  forward in the new year.

5. 2020 E-Score Celebrity Report – Summer Edition

Who are the most appealing and trusted celebrities? Which celebs have the most passionate fans to carry you forward? As the definitive celebrity resource for marketing, network and advertising executives, the E-Score Celebrity 2020 Report has these answers and more.

6. 2020 E-Score Brand Report

The E-Score Brand report highlights current issues from the world of media, entertainment and brand marketing, including  hot topics  such as the most valuable entertainment franchises among streamers, Direct to Consumer vs. Traditional Brands, and an early look into the streaming service war . See the full post here.

7. Television Tackles Deeper Issues

Many TV programs are now tackling complex social issues that were once considered commercially risky on the small screen. Using E-Score Programs we looked at some of the shows most known for dealing with social issues such as racism, sexual identity, gender inequality. See what audiences find appealing about these programs here.

8. Sports Fans’ Favorite Brands

Sports have been a focus for viewers during the pandemic, which creates a major advertising opportunity for brands looking to reach the sports fan demographic. Using E-Score Brand, we have highlighted brands with the strongest affinity among sports fans

9. Streaming Wars: YouTube vs TikTok

In the race to capture the elusive younger viewer, up and comer TikTok is coming on strong against early innovator YouTube. Using E-Score Brand, we compared the two among Insta-Gens, finding that on many important measures TikTok is already on par or higher than YouTube. See how they stack up.

10. TV Trends: New Streaming Dynamics at Play

Since 2014, E-Poll has been conducting an in-depth tracking study that provides a comprehensive view of the streaming market and its trends. Here are three important highlights from our most recent E-Poll Market Research Streaming Report which covers the unprecedented explosion of streaming as a result of the pandemic.

11. How Do Brands Survive a Crisis?

It’s been a year of perpetual crisis, affecting nearly every brand. To provide some perspective, we looked at a number of companies that have survived and thrived since the “Great Recession” a decade ago and identified key traits that carried them through the rough waters that followed. See the lessons for brands here.

12. Brand PFI – Who Are Your Passionate Fans?

In times of uncertainty in messaging outlets, it’s important to know who and where your “passionate” brand users are. Using our proprietary data in E-Score Brand, we formulated a Passionate Fan Index (PFI) to gauge the emotional connection consumers have with your brand. See the list of top scorers here.

We look forward to the new year with expectations of growth, renewal and appreciation. We’d love to hear what you’re looking at in the new year and how we can be of assistance. Please let us know what topics you’d like us to take on in this forum. Happy New Year!

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