Use E-Score Products To Optimize Streaming Decisions

E-Poll has been tracking streaming programs, services, and user behavior since 2013, and our products are uniquely designed to provide insights into all aspects of the streaming ecosystem.

You are facing unique challenges and opportunities for both originals and secondary programming, and E-Poll’s research products have features that are uniquely designed to give you direction in your decision making.

Below are specific examples of how our products can be used to find the streaming answers you are searching for.

E-Score Brand: Streaming Services

E-Score Brand allows you to compare different streaming services including who it appeals to and what attributes pop for each to find which service is the best fit for a particular show. For example, here’s a list of streaming services preferred by viewers who are interested in TV documentaries, which would be useful for producers in search of a good fit for a docuseries or biographical film or TV program.

Unsurprisingly, Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ rise to the top of the list of most appealing services, but two free, ad-supported services that have seen dramatic growth in the last year also make the top 5; Tubi TV and Pluto TV.  CuriosityStream, a niche SVOD featuring documentaries also pops among this audience.


E-Score Celebrity: Streaming Stars

Identifying which stars best align with your service is a task made for E-Score Celebrity. Using our filters, E-Score Celebrity lets you identify celebrities who Appeal most to viewers of more than 30 specific streaming channels/networks or find the favorite celebrities among heavy streaming consumers. By narrowing an audience to your specification, you can identify the celebrities that best fit your criteria for casting and/or program acquisition consideration.

Streaming channels are the new home for stand-up comedy, and this list highlights comedians who are most liked by streaming viewers.


E-Score Programs: Streaming Shows

E-Score Programs tracks streaming shows allowing direct comparison to other cable and streaming programs as well as historical averages. With a wealth of data about why viewers watch a program and what they like or don’t like about it, E-Score Programs is the perfect tool to guide the direction of shows entering their second or subsequent season, or to identify themes appealing to viewers for development in other programming.

Commonly known as program maintenance, here is an example using Netflix’s hit coming of age comedy-drama Never Have I Ever, which was recently renewed for a second season. In comparison to other Netflix shows, Never Have I Ever stands out as Funny, Relatable and Family-Friendly, and has strong ratings for its Story Lines.

In addition to a battery of critical television program analysis provided in E-Score Programs, actual Viewer Comments give you more detail about what is appealing.

Viewer Comments: What Do You Like About This Program?

  • “The realism, the angst, the genuineness of the characters, the representation of minorities.”
  • “The representation of first gen immigrant kids. I’m not Indian but could really relate. The romance was so good.”

The E-Score suite of research products are powerful tools that can unlock the mystery of the streaming market and can provide invaluable information to inform your streaming strategy. To see other recent examples of E-Poll’s research into the streaming market, click here


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