Agency Special – Challenges & Opportunities for 2020/21

The global pandemic has created many threats and opportunities for ad agencies as clients shift strategies and reconsider business as usual in the new reality.

E-Poll’s E-Score family of research products gives agencies cost-effective and targeted tools to leverage insights about clients and prospects.  These are designed to help craft innovative plans for brand strategy, media planning, creative direction, or messaging and win more business.

Here are just 3 examples of how they can work for you:

Brand Intelligence: SoFi vs. Chase

E-Score Brand helps you pitch new business by identifying how your client’s brand compares to the competition. It gives you instant access to over 3,000 brands with reports on:

  • Key drivers of appeal and loyalty.
  • Consumer brand affinity and the nature of the bond.
  • Competitive strengths and weaknesses.
  • Comparison to the competition and category averages.

In this example, Chase is a category leader with strong attributes in Awareness, Appeal, and Usage but SoFi is an up-and-coming personal finance company that has already built up a strong Brand Loyalty and looks to show strength where its competitors are weakest.  The opening of the state of the art SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles this September (home of the L.A. Rams and Chargers) is likely to drive higher awareness for the brand and possibly increase its equity with consumers.


Celebrity Intelligence: Selena Gomez & Sephora

The marriage between a brand and a celebrity can make a massive impact if it works. With over 11,000 celebrities in our database, from mega-stars to up-and-coming influencers, E-Score Celebrity can identify the perfect match by illustrating:

  • Why a celebrity is appealing and how their image aligns with your brand.
  • Special attributes that makes a celebrity stand out – e.g. Funny, Distinctive Voice, Influential.
  • Consumers’ likelihood to purchase a product or service due to celebrity endorsement.

With E-Score Celebrity, we identified how Selena Gomez’s partnership with Sephora has proved to be very successful for the beauty retailer.  Among females ages 18-34, Selena Gomez brings strength in Real (Authentic), Approachable, and Influential, all attributes Sephora can benefit from.


Program Viewing Intelligence: You vs. Lucifer

You get a limited view of a program’s success or failure from TV ratings. E-Score Programs tells you what viewers feel about a program and can help brands and agencies create winning media plans by:

  • Identifying what programs connect with viewers and demographics.
  • Explaining why viewers watch a show and what elements they find appealing.
  • Evaluating program engagement and future viewing intention.

Both You and Lucifer had trouble finding success on their respective networks, but streaming has proved to be a lifeline for programs that struggle getting noticed out of the gate. With E-Score Programs, we identified what current viewers find appealing about these shows. You has high ratings as Intriguing and has “ExcellentProgram Characters and Storylines while Lucifer shows strength in Funny, Clever, and Sexy.

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E-Score’s family of research products is a friend to agencies of all sizes and shapes because we offer a turnkey interface delivering only meaningful data, and in a cost-friendly pricing package.  Contact us today for a simple one-month subscription to try us out, or additional options to fit your needs.

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