TV Trends: New Streaming Dynamics at Play

Since 2014, E-Poll has been conducting an in-depth tracking study that provides a comprehensive view of the streaming market and its trends. Here are 3 important highlights from our most recent E-Poll Market Research Streaming Report which covers the unprecedented explosion of streaming as a result of the pandemic.

Our full report will be sent to all current E-Poll clients on or before August 10th. If you are not a client but would like to receive the full FREE report, please CLICK HERE to receive your copy.

Do Streamers Need Live TV?

Live TV is becoming less of a necessity, as TV viewers become more comfortable with getting much of their traditionally live content (news & sports) online and are more cost-conscious when it comes to their cable/streaming bundles.

In our latest streaming study, the majority of Cord Cutters^, and Cord Nevers^ say Live TV is not important to them (52% Cord Cutters, 67% Cord Nevers).  Even among those who still have traditional Pay TV, only about half say having access to Live TV is “very important.” (49%) indicating the value proposition for watching TV in real time may not be strong enough to warrant incremental cost.

Several Virtual Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (vMVPDs) have raised their prices recently, including YouTubeTV which increased their monthly cost $15, to $65 per month in June. FuboTV also raised its prices by $5 – $10 per month at the beginning of July.

As prices continue to increase for vMVPDs, they may start to look more like a traditional cable subscription – what Cord Cutters are trying to avoid in getting rid of cable.

More for less. A forecasted stagnant or recessionary US economy will continue to drive value-based decisions by entertainment consumers. This makes innovative pricing solutions, like offering a la carte channel selection options, an ever-increasing necessity.


Big Screen TV is Critical

Regardless of cord status, streamers prefer watching content on the big screen. When asked their preference for viewing, a majority in all four streaming groups selected the TV as their favorite device. This may be impacted by the opportunity for more TV viewing presented by stay-at-home orders, particularly among younger audiences who comprise a large proportion of Cord Nevers. 

Among Cord Cutters and Cord Nevers, digital media devices like Roku, FireTV and AppleTV are preferred over built-in smart apps on the television. Nearly 7 in 10 Cord Cutters say they use either Roku or Fire TV for streaming content.  Two of the latest streaming entrants, Peacock and HBO Max are not available on these devices as of now but are available on AppleTV.

After the TV set, laptops are the next preferred device for watching programming, driven by Cord Nevers, who are younger. Few streamers choose desktops, tablets or smartphones as their favorite devices to watch content. Quibi, originally designed solely for “on-the-go” usage on smartphones, recently made its programming available to cast on TV for wider adoption and usage.

The ability to watch on a TV set has always been central to the program viewing experience and is of greater importance now as families spend more time at home together co-viewing content.  This will likely continue through 2020/2021 as consumers grapple with economic uncertainty.

The Complete Streaming Report You Receive Will Include:

  • Awareness and usage of 30 streaming services
  • Content Discovery – where do viewers learn about new shows
  • Streamers’ ideal streaming bundles
  • Satisfaction with Current subscriptions (Content, Price, Value, Ease of use)
  • Drivers of interest in new streaming services
  • Preferred subscription types (ad supported, no ads, transactional)
  • Desired movie content for streaming (genres not enough/just enough/too much)
  • Other types of preferred content for movies and programs
  • Expectations for adding/dropping subscription
  • Advertising Receptivity
  • Preferred types of advertising
  • Cord Cutter/Cord Shaver/Cord Never Profiles

^Cord Status Definitions:

Cord Cutter – have dropped their cable/satellite/telco subscription and only have streaming service

Cord Never – have never had cable/satellite/telco subscription and only have streaming service

Pay TV Subscribers – have both cable/satellite/telco and have streaming service

Cord Shavers – have reduced their cable/satellite/telco fees by eliminating channels and have streaming service

Our full report will be sent to all current E-Poll clients in August. If you are not a client but would like to receive the full FREE report, please CLICK HERE to receive your copy.


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