2020 E-Score Celebrity Report – Summer Edition

Who are the most appealing and trusted celebrities? Which celebs have the most passionate fans? As the definitive celebrity resource for marketing, network and advertising executives, the E-Score Celebrity 2020 Report has these answers and more.

E-Score Celebrity subscribers enjoy not only convenient access to a database of 11,000+ celebrities, including all the tools you need to make profitable celebrity marketing decisions, they also receive the quarterly E-Score Celebrity Report, packed with insights, analysis and key trends spotted by E-Poll’s celebrity experts.

Please enjoy these highlights from the current 2020 E-Score Celebrity Report, including:

  • Who Are the Most Appealing Celebrities Under Age 25?
  • Who Are the Most Appealing African American Celebrities Age 40+?
  • Which Active Athletes Have the Most Passionate Fans?
  • Who Are the Most Trusted Celebrities Among Consumers?

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A few highlights from the report:

Who Are the Top Celebrities Under Age 25?

This ranking covers a wide range of fields that include actors, TV personalities, Internet celebrities, musicians and athletes.

  • Three of Hollywood’s top young leads made the list: Tom Holland (rank 1), Timothee Chalamet (rank 4) and Zendaya (rank 14).
  • The future is bright for both the NFL and NBA with a player from each league making the top 10: Patrick Mahomes (rank 5) and Luka Doncic (rank 6).
  • Social media influencers continue to alter the celebrity landscape and four familiar names made our top 20: Rickey Thompson (rank 3), Liza Koshy (rank 15), Loren Gray (rank 18) and David Dobrik (rank 19).

Who Are the Top African American Celebrities Age 40+?

This ranking is dominated by actors (85%) and male stars (75%).

  • There is major star power at the top of the list with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (rank 1), Denzel Washington (rank 2) and Will Smith (rank 3).
  • Quite a few stars with comedy backgrounds make the top 20 such as Chris Tucker (rank 8), Terry Crews (rank 9), Dave Chappelle (rank 13), Kenan Thompson (rank 16) and Eddie Murphy (rank 17).

Who Are the Most Trusted Celebrities Among Consumers?

Due to the pandemic, many medical experts have raised their profiles and become trusted voices among the public.

  • At the top of the rankings are two experts who have been a primary source of information regarding Covid-19: Dr. Anthony Fauci (rank 1) and Dr. Sanjay Gupta (rank 2).
  • Stars with a long history of public trust can be found in the top 10 such as Mike Rowe (rank 4), Tom Hanks (rank 6) and Gary Sinise (rank 8).
  • 5 of the top 20 trusted celebrities are journalists. Two have ties to the NBC Nightly News in former anchor Tom Brokaw (rank 9) and current anchor, Lester Holt (rank 12). Another lead anchor also makes the list, David Muir (rank 16) from ABC World News Tonight.

MRI/E-Score Celebrity Fusion

We are also excited to share more of our joint product with MRI-Simmons, MRI/E-Score Celebrity Fusion, which perfectly matches celebrities with products and brands consumed by their fans. For this report, we built a profile of Jimmy Kimmel “Super Fans.” Who are they and which brands do they prefer? “Super Fans” of Jimmy Kimmel over-index as:

  • Women
  • African American
  • Fans of the big 3 sports leagues

How Does it Work?

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