Brands That Take a Stand – Follow Up

As a follow up to our report in 2018, we track the segment of consumers who want their brands to take a stand on current issues of the day.

Using E-Score Brand, we looked at some brands that have recently made headlines for taking a stand around the Black Lives Matter movement.  These companies are already seen by consumers positively for taking a stand on issues in the past, and it will be interesting to see if their scores improve over time.

  • Broadcasting network PBS, which has chosen to air documentaries and specials on race and racism in America during this time, has one of the biggest differences (+23) in Appeal with socially motivated consumers.
  • Adidas and Nike both have publicly supported the Black Lives Matter cause, but the former has a much larger gap in Appeal than its competitor (+20 for Adidas, +4 for Nike) from socially motivated consumers versus non-motivated consumers.
  • Twitter, which has recently received backlash from President Trump after placing warning screens on his tweets, leads all social networking platforms with a difference of +15 in Appeal.

While consumer expectations of political and social commitment from their brands have certainly come to the forefront today, it’s a trend we have been tracking for some time, as in this 2018 study.

With today’s heightened social awareness, it’s more important than ever for a brand to have all the information necessary to ensure its connectivity and relevance to their consumer. Simple appeal may not provide all the information a brand needs to make decisions. Do you know whether your consumers are looking for socially aware brands? Do you know how well your brand is liked by each respective group? E-Score Brand is the perfect tool for brands to track consumer perceptions and understand the how actions such as taking a stand will affect their businesses.

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  1. […] Fast Food & QSR/ Restaurants is one of the top advertising categories in sports and both Wendy’s and Ben & Jerry’s have strong affinity among sports fans with net Appeal scores of 29 and 26, respectively. Ben & Jerry’s has also made headlines by taking a stand in recent political issues as covered in our recent E-Score Brand post. […]

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