New E-Score Measures : Who Rates Highest in Endorsement, Fan and Social Media?

The ‘Celebrity Marketplace’ has exploded in the last decade not only with increased demand for endorsements, but with social media influencers and crossover artists demanding top dollar.

E-Poll responded to your needs and is pleased to announce three new measures in E-Score Celebrity to help you with celebrity marketing:

1) Endorsement Score – a game-changer to help gauge a celebrity’s endorsement potential.

2) Social Impact Score – a new and accurate way to identify celebrity social media influence.

3) Fan Score – a fresh take on an accepted approach to fan passion and connection to a celebrity.

We developed these scores to meet the demanding needs of the marketplace with a comprehensive system for evaluating the strength of celebrities in these critical areas.

In addition to a simple top line read, the new scores can also be filtered by more than 400 profiled data points to produce rankings within a specific target audience.  Here are some examples:

Endorsement Score

Possibly the most critical aspect of celebrity marketing, the Endorsement Score tells you how effective a celebrity endorsement will be in driving purchase of goods or services. Familiar names head the list of top endorsers, with Shaquille O’Neal beating out Michael Jordan for the top athlete endorser.


Social Impact Score

Which celebrities best connect with their audience through social media? In general, women and those under age 30 have the strongest connection with celebrities on social media. YouTuber David Dobrik heads the list for Americans under age 30.


Fan Score

Who’s got the most rabid fan base? Men are “huge fans” of action movie stars, while women are drawn to prestige actors and the inimitable Betty White.

The new Endorsement, Social and Fan scores are examples of the type of innovation and leadership E-Score Celebrity has brought to the world of celebrity marketing and further evidence of our commitment to provide the most useful, valuable tools to support your critical business decisions.

For more information about E-Score Celebrity, and how it can help your business, please contact us here.

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  1. […] E-Score Celebrity’s new Endorsement Score tells you how effective a celebrity’s endorsement will be in driving purchase of goods or services. Idris Elba not only more than doubles the spokesperson average in Endorsement Score but also scores highly in Fan Score and Social Impact. This is critical for a brand that ranks below average in appeal and recommendation scores, like Stella Artois. To find out more about these new features of E-Score Celebrity, click here. […]

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