The Most Binge-Worthy Shows on Cable and Streaming – Spring/Summer

E-Poll’s recent #StayAtHome survey found that 21% of Americans are watching more TV during the lockdown (see all the data here). With public sentiment showing a continued reluctance to get right back out, what will they be watching this spring and summer?

Using E-Score Programs: Cable/Streaming, we looked at the top 25 most binge-worthy shows according to TV Influentials. The top 15 are listed below.

  • Streaming programs make up 68% of the top 25
  • Netflix leads the way with tenprograms in the top 25.  HBO is the next closest with three programs.
  • The Mandalorian has met the hype and given new streamer Disney+ the most binge-worthy program on the list
  • Starz continues to prove that their originals have a strong following with both Power and Outlander making the list
  • Dramas aren’t the only binge-worthy shows: reality-based Spring Baking Championship (#9) and Mysteries at the Museum (#22) also make the list.
  • Word-of-Mouth recommendations are critical for viewers in discovering new programs and platforms, but other factors determine whether a show is truly binge-worthy. Click through to our blog to see the Engagement and Anticipation data for the top 25 programs.


Influential viewers help drive the binge-worthiness of a TV show, which is a great measure of the engagement of a show’s following. E-Score Programs not only allows you to see which shows influential viewers are recommending, but it also helps understand what specific elements makes a show binge-worthy.


Feel free to utilize these infographics in your social shares or other uses. To download, simply click the images and right-click, or pull the full sized images.

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