#StayAtHome Economy: What Do Current Brand Trends Say About Our Future?

The coronavirus has turned America’s freewheeling economy into the Stay At Home Economy in two short months.  Today’s mainstream reality is now centered around your home and immediate neighborhood, therefore, brands that were once fringe start-ups are now setting the pace for where the future is going.

Below are some brands that have jumped into the spotlight during the lockdown as consumers adjust to these unprecedented times (data from April 2020):

Zooming Ahead

Zoom is a remote conferencing technology that has become more than just a business tool, but with its simplicity it is also an important social networking service and valuable educational tool.  Even with some early security issues, Zoom has taken over as one of the go-to’s for school classes, book clubs, social, and hobby gatherings.

  • Zoom has room to grow in Awareness especially with the increased exposure due to the lockdown.
  • Zoom already performs above the social network average for Appeal, but can they maintain the strong appeal as their recognition and usage expands?
  • Helping drive Zoom’s appeal, consumers describe the brand as Practical, Innovative, A Leader Relevant to Me, and Cutting Edge.

Word of mouth takes on an even bigger role in the Stay-At-Home Economy – and Zoom has strong recommendation scores:

Here’s what consumers are saying about Zoom right now:

“Replacement for class during the coronavirus pandemic”

“Coronavirus virtual graduation”

“It helps the kids learn while they are at home”

“They have been very useful for people during the coronavirus”


Delivering Growth

Instacart is a same-day grocery delivery and pick-up service that has seen an increased profile during the Coronavirus lockdown due to the demand for shopping alternatives. It has become so widely used the business faced a walk out/strike until they provided safer protections for the delivery people:

  • Awareness of Instacart has more than doubled since its last reading and has now reached above-average recognition levels for food delivery services:
  • So far, the added attention during the lockdown has leaned positive for Instacart – the brand has seen a slight bump in Appeal and remains above the food delivery service average.
  • Helping drive Instacart’s appeal, consumers describe the brand as above average for Practical, Innovative and A Leader.

The need for adaptability in the Stay-At-Home Economy has led consumers to alter their normal routine – and Instacart has generated strong interest in trials of their service:

Here’s what consumers are saying about Instacart right now:

“It makes it easy to virtually shop and get your groceries without leaving the couch”

“Really great to not have to go to the store personally”

“Very practical and helpful in today’s environment”


Pedal to the Metal

How quickly they forget?  While bracing during the holidays with an ad that many felt was sexist, Peloton is now tracking very favorably with the Coronavirus lockdown. Peloton’sAwareness is helping to fill the gap with tech-driven equipment and live-stream classes.

  • The Peloton brand has been on a steady upward trajectory in Awareness – reaching its highest level of recognition during the lockdown.
  • The emerging fitness brand has also shown growth in Appeal with scores above the diet/fitness/nutrition brand average.
  • Helping drive Peloton’s appeal, consumers describe the brand as High-Quality, Cutting-Edge, A Leader, Trend-Setter, and Innovative.

During times of uncertainty, consumers seek brands they trust and believe in and the Peloton name carries weight with strong association scores among consumers:

Here’s what consumers are saying about Peloton right now:

“Costly for the average person but good in this day of Coronavirus and gym closure”

“Access high-energy workout instantly”

“Awesome at home workout equipment”


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