2020 E-Score Celebrity Report

We are pleased to present the 2020 E-Score Celebrity Report!

Some key highlights of the report are now available through the following link: Get Report.

E-Score Celebrity offers you the most timely and relevant information you need going forward in these uncertain times.

The topics covered showcase some of the limitless ways to use E-Score Celebrity to help guide key decisions on talent, endorsements, and upcoming trends.

Some of the critical information you’ll find in the slides include:

  • Celebrities with the biggest gains in 2019.
  • New category: podcast host boom.
  • Fan Score: Which celebrities have the most passionate fan base?
  • Social Impact Score: Rising stars with the most buzz
  • MRI/E-Score Fusion: Best celebrities to pair with alcohol brands.

The following are some of the key observations from our full report:

Women making a major impact

The fight for greater female representation in the celebrity world is making an impact as seen by the larger proportion of young female stars who are strongly connecting with consumers.

70% of the celebrities under the age of 40 with the most passionate fans are female stars.

  • This can be attributed to the growing influence of women as power players in the industry, not just as front of the camera talent, but also through key behind-the-scenes roles as directors, producers and writers.
  • This shift has led to an increase in the quality of strong lead roles (Lupita Nyong’o in the film Us), iconic characters (Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman), host consideration (Alicia Keys hosting The Grammys) and influential voices (Emma Watson) that consumers can relate to and be inspired by.

Internet Celebrities Taking Over Mainstream?

Internet celebrities and non-traditional celebrities (outside of TV and Film) continue to disrupt the search for the most relevant and influential talent.

  • In 2019, 80% of the top 10 celebrities we’ve identified as rising stars to watch are considered non-traditional (this was only 10% five years ago).
  • For Insta-Gens (age 13-23), three of the top 10 rising stars are Internet Celebrities – led by YouTuber of the Year, David Dobrik, in the top spot.

The Celebrity Podcast Trends

The celebrity podcast boom is just getting started. The platform which gained popularity thanks to hit investigative journalism programs such as Serial, has become a hotbed for celebrities of all types.

  • Podcasts also allow for far greater control over their image and content, which can lead to a more relatable experience with an audience in most cases.
  • The top 5 highest scoring attributes for the new Podcast Host category are Funny, Confident, Talented, Good Energy and Intelligent.

Will Nostalgia Take Over, Post-Crisis?

In an era of content overload, reboots and stars from the past continue to be a hot trend thanks to the built-in audience they bring. Here are some stars from the 90’s that are still popular today, particularly among in-demand audiences.

Is it time for that Rush Hour reboot with both Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan showing high affinity among key audience groups in 2019?

Despite staying largely out of the spotlight, Chris Tucker still has strong appeal among African American consumers (ranks #3 in Appeal). His partner, Jackie Chan, does very well among the highly sought after Hispanic/Latinx audience (ranks #2 in Appeal).

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