Is Your Message The Right One?

Consumer attitudes and behaviors are changing rapidly right now, so how do you gauge where they are, where they’re heading, and if you are addressing their needs?  There are two proven ways to measure that – testing the effectiveness of your messaging and tracking the message over time with your targeted viewers/consumers.

Our ADvance and DynaTrack solutions help clients simplify ad effectiveness and tracking studies for brands, consumer groups and TV programs. These tools are designed to adapt to your immediate needs and to get you answers quickly and affordably.

How they work

E-Poll developed ADvance so that advertisers, agencies, and networks can improve the effectiveness on their ad strategies. While every campaign is different, E-Poll’s experience from hundreds of campaigns has enabled us to create a system that adapts to accommodate many variables, including:

  • Single Event – ad or integration
    • Example: Viewers of a daytime talk show featuring an integration for a digestive health supplement were more likely than the control group to choose the featured brand among a competitive set (52% vs. 31%).  
  • Cumulative Tracking: – sponsorship or recurring ads
    • Example: Following a season-long “360-degree campaign” for a consumer product, involving multiple integrations, viewers were more likely than non-viewers to consider purchasing the product (77% vs. 57%).
  • Recontact – follow up with actual viewers to measure changes in behavior and attitude
    • Example: We re-contacted viewers 30 days after watching an episode of a TV drama series featuring a sponsorship by a wireless phone service provider. Viewers were 24% more likely than non-viewers to recommend the service to family and friends.
  • Online Focus Groups – qualitative feedback from consumers
    • Example: After exposure to a rough cut of commercial within an online discussion group, participants offered valuable insights and direction to the client as to which elements worked or not, and what changes should be considered.
  • Linear and Digital Platforms – measure your ads wherever they appear
    • Example: Consumers exposed to a cross-platform automotive campaign on TV, social media and online were more likely to consider the brand for their next vehicle purchase/lease as compare to those who were exposed to TV advertising only.

For case studies and more examples of ADvance research at work, click here.

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DynaTrack draws on 20 years of experience that helps simplify the tracking of critical consumer perceptions of brands, consumer experience, and TV programming over time.

In one recent example, an advertising agency interested in a new program’s theme, tracked the advance awareness of the program which was slated for a fall premiere.  Results were delivered weekly, revealing:

  • Weeks before premiering, the new program had high Awareness, due in part to the foundation laid by an existing movie franchise and buzz about the new show.
  • Awareness and Intent to View steadily built as the premiere drew near.
  • Fans of the franchise, in particular, eagerly anticipated watching the new show.

Action Taken: Based on this information, the agency felt confident about backing this program and was able to increase its investment in the program on advantageous terms.

In both ADvance and Dynatrack, E-Poll has simplified common research processes, while still giving clients complete flexibility and control of the output. This efficiency gives clients rapid-turn around, proven methodology and reliable results at an affordable price point.

E-Poll has combined best practices from 20 years of research and created turnkey, affordable and time-sensitive solutions for today’s pressing market research problems.

To see examples of DynaTrack at work, click here.

To see how we can apply these solutions to your situation:

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