Brand PFI – Who Are Your Passionate Fans?

In times of uncertainty and increased fragmentation in messaging outlets, it’s important to know who and where your “passionate” brand users are.  Using our proprietary data in E-Score Brand, we formulated a Passionate Fan Index (PFI) to gauge the emotional connection consumers have with your brand.

E-Score is specifically designed to offer easy access to your target audience from wherever you are, whenever you need it at a budget-friendly price.

Below, we’ve provided 3 examples out of the more than 100 categories we track – Apparel, Streaming Services and Sports Leagues- to illustrate which brands consumers are most passionate about and why.


  • Athletic and casual apparel brands score higher with passionate consumers, who are driven by familiarity and loyalty, compared to luxury and fashion designer brands.
  • Athletic brand leaders Nike, Adidas and Under Armour all have high Awareness, Appeal and Loyalty – key ingredients for the PFI score – but should not overlook other characteristics such as Down-to-Earth, Family Friendly and Fun in which competitors like Skechers and Converse are leading.
  • Balenciaga and Chanel are the only luxury brands to have a PFI score over 110, bolstered by loyal users who Would Strongly Recommend them to friends and family.

Streaming Services

  • YouTube and Netflix remain as the top two streaming services as they did when we last looked at this category over a year and a half ago. Awareness and Appeal play a big part in separating these two services from the rest and it’s no surprise that they also scored the highest for One of My Favorites, Would Recommend and Would Try New Products/Services among passionate viewers.
  • New service Disney+ broke quickly into the top 10 – helped by strong brand Awareness and Loyalty.

Sports Leagues

  • The National Football League (NFL) has the strongest brand connection with consumers followed by Major League Baseball (MLB) – both league brands are driven by high Awareness, Appeal and Loyalty.
  • The PFI for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) brand has trended upward and has the potential to move over the magical 100 mark soon. Key factors such as a strong willingness to Try New Products or Services (17%), Recommend to Family and Friends (17%) and believing that the WWE is Better than Competitors (18%) are positive signs. With key emotional connections, it’s easy to see why consumers say the WWE is Cool (17%), Entertaining (42%) and Fun (24%).

Challenger Brands

For challenger brands, the PFI can help show if the disruption is working and a connection is being established.  Sports streaming service DAZN and pro wrestling promotion AEW are two examples of current challenger brands that are trying to breakthrough and prove they have what it takes to compete with the giants.

Will they be able to maintain a strong Brand PFI as their recognition grows? 


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