How Agencies & Brand Managers Increase Marketing Intelligence With E-Score

As agencies strategize how to communicate effectively to consumers in a digital media universe, E-Score delivers intelligent data on celebrities, brands and programs.  Whether you need to lock in messaging, brand strategy, media planning, or creative direction, we have the solution in our dynamic suite of products.

Brand Intelligence

E-Score Brand can be used to pitch new business by informing your brand strategy, and identifying how your brand attributes stack up to the competition. It identifies:

  • Key drivers of appeal and loyalty.
  • Consumer brand affinity and the nature of the bond.
  • Competitive strengths and weaknesses.

For example, BodyArmor is a relatively new entrant to the sports drink category. However, the leader Gatorade will need to keep a close eye on its competitors as health & fitness consumers view BodyArmor as more Bold, Cutting Edge, Distinctive and High Quality than Gatorade.


Celebrity Intelligence

Introducing a brand into the marketplace can be more impactful when the right celebrity is delivering the message. With over 11,000 celebrities in our database, E-Score Celebrity can help you narrow down your top picks by understanding:

  • Why a celebrity is appealing and how their image aligns with your brand.
  • Special attributes that makes a celebrity stand out – e.g. Funny, Distinctive Voice, Influential.
  • Likelihood to purchase a product or service due to celebrity endorsement.

For telecom giant Spectrum, aligning a celebrity spokesperson such as Ellen DeGeneres who is Funny, Confident, Intelligent, Real (Authentic) and a Trend-Setter can help emphasize important brand attributes such as Innovative, Reliable, Smart and Trustworthy to Spectrum’s messaging.


Program Viewing Intelligence

While ratings and eyeballs matter, it’s also important to understand the reasons viewers choose to watch what they do. Regardless of platform, E-Score Programs can help:

  • Identify linear and digital programs that connect with viewers and demographics.
  • Explain why viewers watch a show and what elements they find appealing.
  • Evaluate program engagement and future viewing intention.

While viewers may recall late 80’s to 90’s hit TV shows Roseanne and Full House, what do viewers think of their spin-offs The Conners and Fuller House and how do they compare? Looking at key Adults 18-49 viewers, more have indicated the Relationships, Storylines and Idea for the Program are excellent for The Conners while more viewers describe Fuller House as Engaging, Family Friendly and Easy to Join. Despite airing its last season of episodes in December 2019, a large proportion of viewers continue to show interest in watching more episodes of Fuller House in the future.


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