Celebrity Usage Explodes in Super Bowl Advertising

This year, 40 of the 55 qualifying* spots tracked by E-Poll Market Research included at least one celebrity appearance. Overall, use of celebrities in Super Bowl ads exploded this year, with 103 celebrities appearing during the big game, vs 38 last year – an increase of 170 percent.

“Celebrities were the big guns this year in the Super Bowl ads. This year’s staggering total continues a dramatic upward trend in celebrity usage,” says Gerry Philpott, CEO of E-Poll Market Research. “The big game offers excitement and eyeballs but also many distractions, so celebrities have become the go-to in order to get your message seen and talked about.”

Some other trends we observed this year:

  • All but one of the top ten ads ranked by USA Today’s Ad Meter starred celebrities in leading roles.
  • Female representation increased with 43 female and 61 male celebrities making up the list –  42% female from 2019’s 34%.
  • Why use one when you can get many? Seven different advertisers used at least four celebrities in their Super Bowl spots.

Growth in Celebrity Usage

About E-Poll Market Research

E-Poll Market Research is a full-service consumer research company helping clients make better decisions in a complex digital media environment. E-Poll produces E-Score Celebrity, the nation’s preeminent celebrity tracking service, with ratings of more than 11,000 celebrities, athletes, politicians and newsmakers.

Founded in 1997, E-Poll is headquartered in Los Angeles. More information is available at www.epollresearch.com.

* As in previous years, our list includes on-screen appearances during in-game ads, but excludes pre-game/halftime performers, voice-only appearances, and celebrities appearing in ads for movies, TV shows or political campaigns.

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