Streaming Wars Part 3

Streaming Ratings Confusing? – We Provide the Answers

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In our continuing series on Streaming, we cover the difficult task of finding reliable and actionable data on streaming programs. 

Many streamers release just select data metrics, or their data isn’t tracked well by third-party vendors.  So how does the industry keep track of what’s working?  E-Score Programs Broadcast and Cable/Streaming have been tracking what really matters in the television business for fifteen years and include more than 4,500 titles in their combined database.

The PFI and other data in E-Score Programs fills in the gaps inherent in ratings and other third-party data to explain why viewers watch a show, and what elements they find appealing. Since it’s not dependent on ratings or access to a particular platform, E-Score can directly compare programs from broadcast, cable, streaming and even web series. From prestige dramas to low budget talk or reality shows, E-Score data creates a level playing field for comparison.

PFI Highlights:

  • With the retirement of Game of Thrones, there’s a new #1 as Stranger Things takes over the crown of the series with the most passionate viewers.
  • Disney+’s The Mandalorian has a super-hot debut, coming in at #2 on our list.
  • 75% of the top 20 shows are serialized dramas
  • The strong concept and storylines of Netflix’s fourth-ranked Altered Carbon are key drivers of appeal along with the fact that viewers find it clever, intelligent and unique.  The upcoming second season will feature a new lead, Anthony Mackie, who will replace Joel Kinnaman – can the show maintain the strong fan support through the sophomore effort? 
  • The Starz hit show Power (#11) has a strong PFI (142) which should bode well for the Mary J. Blige-led spin-off Power Book II: Ghost that is set for summer 2020.
  • Some lesser-viewed shows that punch above their weight class in producing passionate fans include Snowfall, Crikey! It’s the Irwins, When Calls the Heart, Queen Sugar, Insecure, Pose, Homicide Hunter, Savage Builds, The Grand Tour and The Kominsky Method.

E-Score’s methodology gets right to the heart of what matters to viewers and allows for direct comparison between programs on any platform. First, we measure all programming in the same E-Score Programs platform, and second, we utilize our Passionate Fan index (PFI) among the core TV audience to find the programs that are producing the most passionate fans, which translates to success.


Ready for a Reboot? The PFI Alumni.

With a massive database of programs past and present, E-Score Programs Cable/Streaming has applications beyond tracking current shows. Here, we have listed some of the programs that went off the air in the past year with PFI scores above the crucial threshold of 120. These could be candidates for reboots, spin-offs or acquisitions by new platforms.

  • While there is lots of goodwill for Game of Thrones, any attempt to spin it off will have to come up with a concept that is as appealing as the original, since GoT has the highest “concept” rating of any program in our survey at 72% “excellent.”
  • Disney+ has a strong asset in the Marvel brand, with several Marvel series coming in above the key 120 point PFI threshold.


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