E-Score Brand: How Do Brands Survive a Recession?

As economic pundits debate our financial stability through 2020, does your brand have what it takes to power through a potential slowdown?

Using our time tested E-Score Brand product, we looked at a number of companies that have survived and thrived since the “Great Recession” a decade ago, and identified key traits that carried them through the rough waters that followed. Find out if your company or brand is checking off the right boxes that are most important to consumers.

Two retailers that managed well during and post-recession are Best Buy and Target. Moreover, they are bucking the paradigm shift of many big box stores losing to Amazon and direct-to-consumer brands. Both retailers consistently exhibit strong brand connections and key attributes, such as being Approachable, Trustworthy, Reliable, Relevant and A Leader. These are vitally important for shoppers who desire a variety of brand names, value, and customer service in an in-store experience they can’t get online.


Charles Schwab

As most financial experts agree that it’s just a matter of time until the market will slow, who else is better to steer your financial portfolio through choppy waters than Charles Schwab? Seen as A Leader who is Credible, Influential, Informative, Reliable and Trustworthy, Schwab has been described as such for years since the recession and has been consistently above par for the Investment/ Financial category average along these key attributes.


Bud Light

In the competitive beer category with micro-breweries and special blends that seem to be endless, consumers may sample, but will always return to a brand they are familiar with. One such brand is Bud Light which consumers have grown to love and know as Approachable, Classic, Down-to-Earth and as A Leader consistently over the years.

E-Score Brand has been helping brands and their partners measure brand equity and understand the key drivers of consumer appeal for more than 13 years. Check out more examples of E-Poll’s brand research and review some of our past analysis of Best Buy, Target and Bud Light.


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