Top 12 Insights of 2019

All of us at E-Poll Market Research send our best wishes and hopes for a happy and productive New Year. Please enjoy these highlights of our research from the past year, and let us know the issues you would like to see tackled as we prepare our list for 2020.  

1. 2019 Celebrity Trends – The rise of the digital era is ushering in more platforms, voices and content at a faster pace than ever before. In this report, we place a spotlight on three celebrity trends that have been impacted by the digital wave – authenticity, activism and eSports. Click here for full post.

2. ADvance: Which HALF of Your Advertising is Wasted? – To help solve this dilemma, E-Poll developed ADvance, which advertisers, agencies, and networks rely on to improve the ROI on their ad strategies. Click here for full post.

3. How Do You Reach Young Consumers? Music Festivals – Music festivals have reached a level of popularity that can give major sporting events stiff competition. Brands have certainly taken notice and sponsorship opportunities in these events are growing in scope and impact. Click here for full post.

4. DynaTrack Premiere – An Innovative Approach to Tracking New ProgramsDynaTrack Premiere is designed to give producers, advertisers, networks and agencies an affordable, turnkey source of critical information to understand how new TV programs are perceived by viewers prior to the program’s launch. Click here for full post, including two case studies illustrating the value of this approach. 

5. Streaming Part Two: The Business Side – With hundreds of viewing options on the horizon, consumers are already facing “subscription fatigue.” E-Score Brand has been tracking consumer sentiments of subscription services and shows how consumers perceive the price and value proposition of the subscriptions. Click here for full post.

6. Entertainment Franchises – Streaming “Powerhouses” – To lure new subscribers, streaming services have a not-so-secret weapon in the attraction of top entertainment franchises. With so many choices to choose from, what entertainment brands are tried and true with high brand equity among streamers? Click here for full post.

7. Favorite Programs of Republicans & Democrats – We used E-Score Programs to find the top TV programs among Republicans and Democrats and identified several traits that explain their preferences. It appears that networks have closed the gap and broadened their appeal to all sides of the political spectrum. Click here for full post.

8. Licensing: New Opportunities in Brand, Character and Music – We used E-Score data to look at three of the most promising areas where the licensing business is expanding outside its traditional targets: E-Sports, licensing for millennial women, and the emerging “Insta-Generation” of consumers between the ages of 13-22. Click here for full post.

9. Luxury Brands: What are the Young and Influential Buying Today and Tomorrow? – Insta-Gens (ages 13-22) have already started to dictate trends in the luxury fashion industry. While they may not be buyers right now on any real scale, they are forming brand associations that will impact tomorrow’s trends. Click here for full post.

10. PFI Rating: Which Reality Shows Attract Passionate Fans? – Reality programming is a cultural force, recently accounting for 8 of the top 10 rated shows in broadcast television. To measure the connection that reality shows have with their audiences, we used E-Poll’s Passionate Fan Index (PFI). Click here for full post.

11. Seeing Double: Is Using Multi-Endorsers a Wise Strategy? – Celebrity marketing works because consumers connect with familiar faces who they like and trust. Using E-Score Celebrity and Brand, we looked at two celebrities that endorse multiple products to see what makes them so successful, and what harm or benefit they bring to this approach. Click here for full post.

12. The Streaming Market: An Insider’s Perspective – E-Poll has been tracking the streaming industry since 2013, focusing on the way audiences interact with linear versus streamed programming. We put together a short video to share some of our expertise, and to walk you through the processes we use in researching the streaming market. Click here for full post.

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