Seeing Double: Is Using Multi-Endorsers a Wise Strategy?

Multi Endorsers

Celebrity marketing works because consumers connect with familiar faces who they like and trust. But what happens when they see that celebrity in a number of ads for different products? Using E-Score Celebrity and Brand, we looked at two celebrities that endorse multiple products to see what makes them so successful, and what harm or benefit they bring to this approach.

Shaquille O’Neal

One of the most celebrated athletes to endorse multiple products is Shaquille O’ Neal, who retired from the NBA in 2011. It’s hard not to miss this giant of an endorser these days on cruise ships, heating sore muscles, or making pizza.

The NBA icon, with four championship rings, has held a fairly consistent Awareness score (68%) since retirement, but with carefully crafted exposure and his enduring personality, his Appeal has grown more than 10 points since 2011. What makes Shaq such a strong endorser across many products?

  • Top consistent attributes are: Good Energy (35%), Funny (34%), Confident (33%), and Interesting (25%).
  • Last year, Carnival Cruise Line appointed Shaq as their new “CFO” – that is: Chief Fun Officer. Why? Until he signed on, only 1 in 4 people last year said that Carnival was Exciting compared to 1 in 3 back in 2011.
  • Not surprisingly, JCPenney sought out Shaq to be the pitchman for its big and tall men’s clothing line. The retailer is likely relying on O’ Neal’s positive attributes to rub off onto the company which hasn’t been known for being Cool (8%), Exciting (3%), or Fun (5%).
  • Papa John’s Pizza has a new ambassador and board member, to help rehabilitate their image. The pizza franchise will be counting on Shaq’s energy and stature to bring new life to the company that has weaker than average scores for Bold (7%), Distinctive (10%), Trend-Setter (5%) and Unique (7%).

Tina Fey

Funny woman Tina Fey left Saturday Night Live over a decade ago, but keeps busy with writing, creating and producing hit TV and Broadway shows, starring in movies and appearing in commercials for a number of products, brands and services.

  • With strong Awareness and Appeal scores, the talented actress stands out and scores consistently well for being Confident (29%), Funny (68%), Intelligent (35%), Interesting (29%), and having Good Energy (34%).
  • As a spokesperson for American Express for over a decade, Tina brings energy, humor, intelligence and busy life into the marketing of AMEX products. American Express is regarded as A Leader (31%), but the company also wants to target a broader audience that typically don’t describe the company as Approachable (6%), Down-to-Earth (1%), Practical (10%), or Relevant (8%).
  • One of Tina’s strongest attributes is Funny, but she’s also described as Attractive (30%), Beautiful (17%), and Glamorous (12%) — combine those elements with the rest of her attributes and it’s easy to see why she’s also been a longtime spokeswoman for Garnier’s beauty products.
  • Allstate has just added Tina Fey as a new character alongside “Mayhem.” In bringing on Tina, Allstate has not only found a confident and intelligent safe driver, but also someone who can match the trouble-maker Mayhem in a humorous role that balances the “good hands” campaign.


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