Triple Threat: When Are Program Ratings Not Enough?

The E-Score Triple Threat: Celebrity – Brand – Programs

In today’s ever changing and complex media market, you can’t rely on one-dimensional research metrics to provide the tools you need to succeed.  E-Poll’s flagship suite of research products – E-Score – is designed to provide entertainment companies, brands, and agencies a very cost-effective solution for all their marketing and entertainment vehicles.

For example, ad buyers and sellers typically have little to go on beyond rating or CPM numbers when negotiating a buy. Any one of our E-Score products will give you in-depth insights into that area.

Combine two products to strengthen your argument to get an edge, or combine all three and get the complete picture.  All at a fraction of the cost of other products.

Here’s how the Triple Threat works in a simple example using Walmart, Ellen and her shows.

E-Score Brand – Illustrates the nature of the bond and affinity consumers have with a brand. Unearth key drivers of appeal and loyalty and find the right approach for your campaign.

  • Walmart is a very appealing brand compared to its peers in the retail industry and stands out as A Leader and Practical.
  • Perceived as Family-Friendly at nearly twice the rate as the average, this is clearly a core aspect of the Walmart brand.
  • Consumers don’t see Walmart as much Fun (11%), and it is considerably less Cool than the category average, so those are areas for improvement.

E-Score Programs

With scores on 4,000+ programs, including data on hundreds of streaming programs not available elsewhere, E-Score Programs can easily identify Ellen’s shows as a strong fit for Walmart’s marketing objectives.

  • Walmart can align their core values with both Ellen programs – Family Friendly is higher for Ellen’s Game of Games (57%) compared to her daytime show at 46% but if Influential is more important, The Ellen DeGeneres Show is higher (24%) than her talk show (8%).
  • For show engagement, Ellen’s Game of Games has more viewers say they Watched Entire Show (63% vs. 46%), Planned Ahead to Watch (29% vs. 19%), and Recommend Show (28% vs. 16%) than her daytime show.
  • Both Ellen shows are fairly comparable on a number of show attributes: Unique, One of My Favorites, Funny, Engaging, Easy to Join, Keeps Attention.


Finally, E-Score Celebrity gives you the last piece of the puzzle – why a celebrity or endorser is appealing and how their image aligns with the brand. Scores on more than 10,000 celebrities, athletes and newsmakers are updated weekly.


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