E-Score Celebrity – What’s New?

E-Poll is pleased to announce three new measures in E-Score Celebrity to help clients with celebrity marketing:

1) Endorsement Score – a game-changing enhancement to help gauge a celebrity’s endorsement potential.

2) Social Impact Score a new way to identify celebrity social media influence.

3) Fan Score – a fresh approach to determine the level of fan passion and connection to a celebrity.

Endorsement Score Highlight: Top 30 Under 30

We looked at celebrities under the age of 30 to see who could have potential brand partnerships and found that the top ten celebrity millennials were heavily females and musicians. The talented actress and singer, Zendaya (Euphoria and Spider-Man: Far from Home), ranks at the top with an Endorsement Score of 81 . Other notable celebrities in the top 30 include model/businesswomen/influencers Kendall (Endorsement Score -47) and Kylie Jenner (44) and newly appointed Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (47).

Unique Score Elements

All three scores take into consideration celebrity Awareness and several unique characteristics:

Endorsement Score – includes Appeal, consumer-reported interest in products/services endorsed by each celebrity and characteristics such as Influential and Authenticity (Real).

Social Impact Score – identifies the celebrities who are relevant now by capturing social media metrics from active users and does not include bots. It also includes characteristics such as Exciting, Physically Fit and Talented.

Fan Score – includes Appeal, celebrity fandom level, real-time social media engagement and characteristics such as Dynamic and Talented.

MRI-Simmons/E-Score Celebrity Fusion

In addition to the new Endorsement, Social Impact and Fan Scores, we also have the MRI-Simmons/E-Score Celebrity Fusion platform that is jointly developed by MRI-Simmons and E-Poll Market Research. This rich multi-dimensional tool offers a granular understanding of consumer/celebrity compatibility and helps agencies, advertisers, and content creators visualize and simplify the process of choosing endorsers and spokespeople, aligning product placements, and making other key decisions for celebrity-based marketing.

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