Streaming – Part One: Who Will Be Left Standing?

Streaming is about to get a big shake-up with the launch of new services from Disney, Apple, WarnerMedia and NBC/Universal (which some are referring to, collectively, as the DAWN group). Which services have the entertainment content to shift consumers from traditional viewing habits?

E-Score Brand answers those questions by looking at the top attributes among current and upcoming streaming brands. By focusing on top attributes viewers assign to the brands, we can pinpoint their strengths and see what market positioning each of the contenders may take.

  • Without having aired a single show, Disney+ is already among the top brands for the attribute Entertaining, due to the Disney brand and the reputation that comes along with it.
  • Apple TV+ boasts the top score in High Quality among all streaming brands. They also benefit from their reputation and the recent announcement of some high-profile names like Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Aniston as partners.
  • Netflix still leads in most attributes but could be vulnerable as some of their most popular franchises like Friends and The Office will depart for HBO Max and NBCUniversal respectively.

Part Two of our report, on August 20th, will dive into the business and logistical side of Streaming – stay tuned!


Top Streaming Originals

Original programs, streamed or not, must check off a few critical boxes if they are going to succeed in the long term.  E-Score Programs singled out some of the top attributes that make new shows successful and found the top programs among that same attribute.

  • Netflix originals outshine their competitors with the most top shows among our attributes measured.  Keep in mind their platform is specifically designed to make sampling easier and better matched to the viewer’s taste.  Time will tell if the newer services will meet or exceed that platform.
  • Both Stranger Things and Black Mirror stand out in multiple attributes. Stranger Things excels in Engaging and Exciting while Black Mirror shines in Unique and Recommended.

Entertainment Franchises

Franchises offer profound advantages for new streaming services, and our data shows they are well positioned to deploy consumers’ most-wanted intellectual property to fuel these new services. Here is a look at our previous analysis  ranking the top entertainment franchises using a custom Brand Equity index combining measures of appeal, engagement, advocacy and future consumption (click through for the full list).  


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