Music Festival Marketing – How Brands Can Engage Younger Audiences

Music festivals have reached a level of popularity that can give major sporting events stiff competition, especially among the hard to reach younger demo. Brands have certainly taken notice and sponsorship opportunities in these events are growing in scope and impact.

Using E-Score Brand we looked at the top festivals to see how they compare to other events that also bring plenty of sponsors:

  • Despite The World Cup being one of the world’s most popular sporting events, Americans find Coachella to be more Cool, Entertaining, and Fun and now audiences can tune in to the music festival live on YouTube just like they would for a sporting event.
  • Lollapalooza ranks highest in Entertaining (45) of all the music festivals we measured and scores nearly as high as the Olympic Games (47).
  • Although there has been a lot of uncertainty around Woodstock’s 50th anniversary, the brand still scores higher in Cool and Fun than some of today’s biggest sporting events. Whether it ends up happening or not, the name alone still holds high brand equity.

Music Festival Brand Sponsors

Because music festivals score so highly in Cool, Entertaining, and Fun, they represent a good opportunity for brands to tout key brand attributes with creative sponsorships in these events. We looked at some brands who have been sponsors of the music festivals above to see how they stack up in those crucial measures.

  • YouTube is a major sponsor at a number of music festivals streaming the events live. It is also leading all other sponsors in Cool, Fun, and Entertaining.
  • Heineken was recently a sponsor at Coachella 2019 and slightly edges out competitors like Bud Light and Budweiser in both Fun and Cool. Heineken featured an area at the festival called the Heineken House where guests could listen to music, try their new products, and take photos for their social media accounts.
  • Music festivals aren’t just for kids; Stagecoach is particularly strong with Toyota’s core car-buying demographic of millennials (ages 23-37) and Gen-X (38-53). At Stagecoach, the company created Toyota Paradise Park where guests had a photo-op, could customize their own swag, and could see Toyota trucks on a rock climb course.


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