Luxury Brands: What are the Young and Influential Buying Today and Tomorrow?

Insta-Gens (ages 13-22) have already started to dictate trends in the luxury fashion industry. While they may not be buyers right now on any real scale, they are forming brand associations that will impact tomorrow’s trends. Driven by pop culture, music, and fashion, Insta-Gens may have very different preferences than previous groups, and they are letting everyone know about it.

With E-Score Brand we looked at some of today’s top luxury brands to see how they stack up among Insta-Gens.

  • Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty leads all other luxury brands in Appeal among Insta-Gens likely due to the singer’s popularity among that demographic and with the recent release of her new fashion line, she is off to a good start among America’s next trend-setters.
  • Balenciaga is ranked second in Appeal among Insta-Gens. The Balenciaga $800 “dad sneaker” has been spotted on countless celebrities from rappers to models. Despite the brand’s unique design, pop-culture has embraced the look.
  • Gucci –  Although millennials continue to consider it a top brand, Insta-Gens rate the Appeal a little lower at 23.  It could be they see it as a brand getting older, or they might be more socially sensitive about some of their recent controversial press pickups. Time will tell.

Luxury Brand Attributes Across Demographics

E-Score Brand digs deeper to get at what’s important to different age groups by seeing how much value they put into different Attributes among luxury brands.

  • Insta-Gens view luxury brands as being more Bold and Cool than the two older groups suggesting that those attributes are what appeals to them most.
  • Being A Leader is least important to Insta-Gens when it comes to luxury brands while Gen X finds Bold to be among their least valued attributes for the same brands.
  • On average, Gen X finds luxury brands to be more High-Quality than both Millennials and Insta-Gens though both younger demographic groups aren’t far behind. 

Luxury Cars Among Insta-Gens

You need to show off your new fashion, so E-Score Brand looked at the automotive luxury category among Insta-Gens for a close look at a demographic that will soon be entering the car market.

  • Mercedes-Benz leads all other luxury automotive brands in Appeal (think “G-Wagen”) yet Tesla takes the top spot in Cool and Bold.
  • Lexus falls behind all the other luxury car brands among Insta-Gens in a variety of categories including Appeal, Cool, and Bold.
  • Cadillac beats out both BMW and Tesla in Appeal and Insta-Gen comments include “A very nice luxurious car make with great quality” and “Expensive, high quality.”


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