ADvance: Which HALF of your advertising is wasted

Is Your Advertising Working?

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

This 19th Century quote shows that as long as there has been advertising, there has been the challenge of measuring its effectiveness.

To help solve this dilemma, E-Poll developed ADvance, which advertisers, agencies, and networks rely on to improve the ROI on their ad strategies.

ADvance offers:

Tracking of Ad Campaigns, either single event or cumulative tracking

Single Event: Viewers of a daytime talk show featuring an integration for a digestive health supplement were more likely than the control group to choose the featured brand among a competitive set (52% vs. 31%).  

Cumulative Tracking: Following a season-long “360-degree campaign” for a consumer product, involving multiple integrations, ads and sponsorship, viewers were more likely than non-viewers to consider purchasing the product (77% vs. 57%).

Recontact and Online Focus Groups

Recontact: We re-contacted viewers 30 days after watching an episode of a TV drama series featuring a sponsorship by a wireless phone service provider. Viewers were 24% more likely than non-viewers to recommend the service to family and friends.

Online Focus Groups: After exposure to a rough cut of commercial within an online discussion group, participants offered valuable insights and direction to the client as to which elements worked or not, and what changes should be considered.

Linear and Digital Platforms

We compared brand favorability for a luxury car brand among linear vs linear plus online branded content viewers. Results replicated a staircase, with the linear plus digital having the highest level of favorability (66%), linear-only next-highest (52%), and the lowest favorability (44%) among those with no exposure.

Reliable and Effective Testing Measures

Over the years, E-Poll has honed reliable and effective testing measures to evaluate brand awareness, recall, favorability, consideration, intent to purchase, and advocacy.  As a result, we not only provide high quality results but also normative comparisons.

Maximizing Ad Effectiveness

All ADvance projects include useful insights and recommendations for making advertising more effective.

ADvance gives you the critical information you need to measure the effectiveness of advertisements regardless of media, frequency, or target.  It draws from the best practices from 20 years of ad research in a turnkey, affordable and time sensitive solution.


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