Licensing: New Opportunities in Brand, Character and Music

To coincide with Licensing Expo 2019, we used E-Score data to look at three of the most promising areas where the licensing business is expanding outside its traditional targets: E-Sports, licensing for millennial women, and the emerging “Insta-Generation” of consumers between the ages of 13-22.

Insta-Gens are the next generation to dictate trends, and E-Score Character’s essential Extendibility information reveals what they are looking for next.

  • The top three characters Insta-Gens Would Like to See More are all female characters showing there is high interest among the younger generations in female lead characters.
  • Although the film is nearly 40 years old, Scarface’s lead character Tony Montana continues to appeal to people who weren’t born when the film came out. Two attributes – Aggressive, which  is off the charts at 64% and Brave at 56% – explain his spot in the top three for Very Interested in Clothing.
  • Okoye from Black Panther is not only on top of the Would Like to See More list but also lands in the top three in Appeal among Insta-Gens.
  • Insta-Gens crave uniqueness and authenticity. Their top three characters for the Unique attribute share an eclectic style, high intelligence and off-beat sensibility.

Brands Preferred by Gamers

E-Sports is exploding in the licensing arena, as shown by the recent partnership between Fortnite and powerhouse Jordan brand. But who are gamers, and what do they want? We used E-Score Brand’s built-in filters for video game consumption to show which brands gamers Would Try New Products & Services from.

  • M&M’s can feel confident that gamers will be willing to try new flavors as the chocolate snack holds the top spot in Would Try New Products & Services among Candy, Food, QSR and Restaurants.
  • Despite aggressive marketing from energy drinks to appeal to gamers, Coca-Cola and Gatorade remain the top drinks gamers Would Try New Products & Services from.
  • Known for its variety of flavors, Doritos lands among the top snacks in Would Try Brand’s New Products & Services and has been an active brand in the gaming community, sponsoring tournaments like the Doritos Bowl in TwitchCon 2018.
  • Traditional brands like USAA and Visa take the top spots in the financial services category, but newer business models like Synchony Bank (Amazon-branded cards), Credit Karma and Venmo also hold spots in the top ten.

Music – Extendibility among Young Women

Millennial women are flexing their buying power, and with their focus on celebrities and “experiences” like live concerts, products related to musical acts are a strong category for them. With E-Score Music we found the musicians young women (ages 18-34) are interested to see on Clothing & Accessories.

  • Panic! At The Disco tops the list for interest in Clothes and Accessories, and Consumer Comments reveal that their appeal may have a nostalgic factor, as one respondent notes, “Reminds me of middle/high school days, but in a good way.”
  • Childish Gambino cracks the top 3 on our list. He’s described as Cool, Inspirational and Socially Conscious by millennial women.
  • Rihanna has found success outside music with her makeup line Fenty Beauty, and now she is expanding it to fashion. Her fashion line could prove successful as she ranks second on our Design Clothing & Accessories list among women 18-34, which is within her target demographic.


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