DynaTrack Premiere – An Innovative Approach to Tracking New Programs

With hundreds of new shows every year, it is mandatory that your show quickly catches the attention of an audience at launch. DynaTrack Premiere is designed to give producers, advertisers, networks and agencies an affordable, turnkey source of critical information to understand how new TV programs are perceived by viewers prior to the program’s launch.

Two recent projects provide good examples.

DynaTrack Case Study 1: Tracking a Mid-Season Premiere

In this DynaTrack study, a television network launching a new show asked to track upcoming midseason premieres on a weekly basis to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and positioning versus the competition.

Results of the study found:

  • There was an increase in Awareness among shows that were re-makes or spinoffs although some respondents viewed them as lacking creativity.
  • The new program had higher Awareness than expected, but was confused with another program with a similar concept.
  • Higher Awareness was found when promotions ran in highly rated live events/specials such as the Olympics, Super Bowl, or Award Shows.
  • New series with well-known cast members had a higher Awareness and Intent to View among potential viewers.

Action Taken: Armed with this information, our client was able to tweak their marketing efforts to highlight those elements of the program which most appealed to viewers, focus on favorite cast members and eliminate confusion with a misattributed competitor. After a successful launch, the show was recently renewed for a second season.

Dynatrack Case Study 2: Single Program Tracking

For another DynaTrack study, an advertising agency interested in a new program’s theme tracked the prospects of the program slated for a fall premiere.  Results were delivered weekly, revealing:

  • Weeks before premiering, the new program had high Awareness, due in part to the foundation laid by an existing movie franchise and buzz about the new show.
  • Awareness and Intent to View steadily built as the premiere drew near.
  • Fans of the franchise, in particular, eagerly anticipated watching the new show.

Action Taken: Based on this information, the agency felt confident about backing this program and was able to increase its investment in the program on advantageous terms.

Our Approach:

DynaTrack Premiere distills E-Poll’s experience from 20 years of program tracking into a common set of guidelines. This approach is proven to generate rapid and cost-effective results, while being flexible enough allow customization for any client.

DynaTrack Premiere answers the following:

  • Is a show reaching its target?
  • How does it compare with competing premieres?
  • What have viewers read, seen, or heard about the program?
  • Is the program title or concept confused with that of another program or movie?
  • How effective is the advertising message?
  • Which way are Awareness and Intent to View trending?
  • Why or why don’t they intend to watch?
  • How do results compare among different gender, age breaks, ethnicity, network viewers, and viewing platforms?


DynaTrack Premiere is one of three solutions in the DynaTrack suite providing simplified tracking studies for brands, consumer groups, and television programs.

Whether it’s a quick turnaround to know where you’re at right now or extended tracking to monitor the marketing efforts leading up to a premiere, DynaTrack provides the information you need to build your marketing strategy.

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