The Next Holiday Hit? Opportunities for Musicians

christmas-carols-dutch-national-opera-balletThe Billboard and Spotify charts show that holiday albums are a reliable winner at this time of year. With E-Score® Music, we found some up-and-comers who might benefit from getting into the holiday spirit along with some established stars where an album may be very welcomed by their fan base.

New Artists with Holiday Potential

The recurring nature of holiday album sales means that putting out a holiday record can be a good move for artists early in their careers. It’s also a good way to appeal to a broader audience than just a core fan base. Using E-Score Music, we identified the most Appealing “up-and-comers” who would benefit from releasing a holiday album.

  • Thomas Rhett not only tops our list with the highest Appeal (77) by an up-and-comer without a holiday album but also scores highest in Would Listen to Artist’s New Music (54).
  • Of the up-and-coming artists on our list, Country is the most represented genre among the top ten, followed by Rap/Hip-Hop.

Holiday Hit-Makers

Some of history’s top musical acts have legendary holiday albums that resurface every Season. Here are some of most the Appealing artists with holiday albums.

  • Among the hundreds of data points tracked in E-Score Music, one that tracks closely to holiday success is Inspirational. Among this group, Pentatonix scores the highest on this attribute. The a cappella group has an upcoming holiday special on NBC titled Pentatonix: A Not So Silent Night.
  • At #9 on our list, Michael Bublé has more holiday songs in Spotify’s top 200 for the United States than any other artist.
  • Although her Appeal is lower than others on this list, Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is such a popular holiday song that it is mentioned regularly in her Consumer Comments.


Unwrapping The Hits

With some recognized and unique artists releasing their first holiday albums, we used E-Score Music to look not only at Appeal, but also their Extendibility and Consumer Comments.First-time-holiday-albums_D

  • Half of all consumers Would Listen To New Music by John Legend, who also ranks among the top 5 in Appeal among artists with holiday albums.
  • Although his Would Listen To score is low, William Shatner ranks highly for another holiday-friendly attribute, Classic. His Consumer Comments include: “witty,” “his music is… unique,” and “epic talent.”
  • Top Comments used to describe The Monkees include: “Classic,” “Oldies,” and “Hey, hey, we’re the Monkees!” Their Funny score of 45 is the highest among all holiday acts surveyed.


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