DynaTrack Case Study: A Successful Consumer Profile Tracking Approach

Tracking studies can be expensive, complicated, and have too many moving pieces to allow a true sense of the effectiveness of your campaign. But when executed properly, and within a sound and proven approach, they can reveal critical trends in your targeted consumer over time.   

With more than 20 years of experience, E-Poll’s DynaTrack™ offers affordable and precise tracking methodologies in a turnkey solution designed to meet your specific needs.

What We Found

In this study tracking consumer profiles among content providers, the client’s viewers were profiled on an annual basis, and compared to previous years as well as a competitive set.

  • The availability of multiple episodes (bingeing) as an important reason for subscription has trended upwards every year.
  • Men are more likely than women (by 10%) to say their viewing of the subscription service has increased, which is a significant change from the previous year. This is likely driven by the introduction of a hit new show.
  • More than half watch the service with others at least once a week. Most viewers watch the service with their partner or spouse, alone or with their children.
  • One of the content provider’s newest original programs took the top spot as most watched originals and outperformed the previous year’s top show giving evidence of a potential new hit show.
  • The percentage of subscribers ages 18-34 who prefer to watch “multiple episodes at a time” has trended upwards by an average of 5% every year.
  • Among the most important reasons viewers watch the content provider are:
    • To watch TV shows at their convenience.
    • To catch up on new episodes missed on first airing
    • To watch multiple episodes of a show.

We found a pattern of changes in the viewer base from year to year that allowed our client to differentiate from their competitors and shape a more successful marketing strategy.

Case Study Approach: Annual Audience Profiling Among A Content Provider’s Viewers

A content provider wanted to better understand their audience: who they are, what they do and what makes the service unique to their customers in order to shape their sales strategy.


Using DynaTrack Consumer, subscribers in a variety of age, gender, and subscription plans were surveyed to better understand their viewing habits and reasons for subscribing. Results were then compared year-to-year, tracking changes in viewer demographics, psychographics, perceptions and behavior, as well as the competitive landscape.

The DynaTrack survey measured key metrics of the content service including:

  • Subscriber evaluation of service
  • Reasons for viewing
  • Device and platform viewership
  • Binge viewing
  • Viewing habits
  • Advertising


Whether your business is based in content, services, retail or hard goods, Dynatrack can help you quickly and affordably track your consumers’ profile and monitor changes to drive business strategy.

For more information about how DynaTrack works for cost-effective tracking of your brand, consumer group or programming, please visit our web site.


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