ADvance Case Study: Our Multi-Platform Ad Effectiveness Approach

One of the great opportunities and challenges in today’s multi-platform media universe is measuring where your message was received, and how effectively it communicated to your targeted audience.

E-Poll’s ADvancetm offers the flexibility of a custom study in an affordable and timely turnkey solution, and delivers the capability for you to measure ad effectiveness across a variety of media platforms.

What We Found: In this case study of sponsorship evaluation, respondents were exposed to a brand during a special live television event to measure the benefit of campaigns with both linear and digital components.

  • ADvance was able to show that recall, favorability and purchase consideration of the brand all increased by 30% or more. Those exposed to the sponsorship saw more than 50% increase in these KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and were twice as likely to visit the brand’s website. These positive findings allowed the client to demonstrate tremendous impact and value in this sponsorship strategy, and secure additional sponsorships from the brand for similar live programming events coming up.
  • Sporting events, live entertainment and special venue events offer a unique and very personal consumer experience, and strong messaging can have a lasting impact on this group. Agencies, advertisers and networks who sponsor these events can now effectively measure that impact using E-Poll’s ADvance

Case Study: Multi-Platform Ad Effectiveness Implemented Across a Live Special Event

A major beverage brand sponsored the live coverage of a special television event. The study provided an understanding of how partnering with a network’s special event coverage across multiple platforms positively impacts advertiser’s KPI’s such as brand recall, messaging, recommendation, and purchase intent.



To evaluate the multi-platform ad effectiveness of the sponsorship, a control/test recruit-to-view approach was used in which a baseline control group is established and compared to the test groups exposed to the various media platforms.

Respondents were recruited from the E-Poll panel, each meeting the same qualifying criteria and were exposed to a variety of ad integrations of the same brand.

Control Group

A single control group (no exposure) was surveyed prior the special televised event and used as comparison for the study.

Test Group 1

Recruited to watch the full airing of the special live event on a specific television network.

Test Group 2

Recruited to watch the full airing of the special event on the same television network AND interacted with the network’s online platform on either desktop or mobile during the event.

Additional Test Groups

Additional test groups were recruited to watch the special event and to view other related programming such as post-special coverage and next-day morning show appearances.

What We Found: Positive impacts to the brand include the following:

  1. Brand recall, favorability, and purchase consideration all increased by more than 30% among those exposed to the sponsorship on linear TV
  2. Those exposed to the sponsorship plus at least 1 digital component saw a more than 50% increase in these KPI’s, and were twice as likely to visit the brand website, go to a retailer, or interact on social media around the brand
  3. Brand lift between Control and Test Groups exceeded norms for the category


ADvance is the perfect tool for a network, brand, or agency to accurately evaluate the benefits of sponsorship campaigns across different advertising platforms. With a flexible, yet turnkey solution used to evaluate advertising effectiveness in more than 35 brand categories across multiple platforms (linear TV, VOD, online, mobile devices and social media), ADvance offers critical intelligence for brand and marketing decision makers.


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