From Insta-Gen to Boomer: How Generations Shape Our Future

Students_of_CEUSince 1997, E-Poll Market Research has studied consumer attitudes, behaviors and trends of entertainment and marketing. This critical intelligence has guided our research products and services over the decades so that our clients have broadest view of where the industry is heading.

As the generational divide and speed of technology collide, E-Poll conducted a major survey examining the four main generational groups, and in particular, contrasting the emerging “Insta” generation (ages 9-19) with their millennial (20-37) and older cohorts.

Where do they differ in their overall attitudes and behaviors? Where are they similar? Understanding these generations’ world views will aid in understanding how they will potentially impact our businesses in the form of entertainment consumption, brand preferences, and leisure time.

The 72-page report is available now. Click here for information.

Generational Overview


• The Insta-Gen group stands out as being more positive, altruistic, compassionate, and open to information and opinions from outside sources. They seem to have a brighter outlook on life, care deeply about social justice and are invested in helping others.

• Millennials and Gen Xers are similar in that they are heavily engaged in the thick of life – working hard, supporting themselves and their families. Boomers are the most content of the generations, being most satisfied with key aspects of life.

Examples From The Report:


Brand Preferences

Nike is important to all generations, but use declines with age, while Samsung’s popularity grows among the older generations.

The final report contains 59 separate charts, graphs and tables, and is available now.

Insta-Gens’ Altruism & Quest for Information



Key Generational Insights From Our Report:

• Life’s Outlook
– Leisure / Work Attitudes
– Friendships, Romance, Careers
– Sources of Enjoyment: Goals, Hobbies, Spirituality
– Self Perception
• Communication Habits
• Sources of Influence and Influencers
• Importance of Leisure Activities (30 Categories) • Entertainment Choices (Television and Films)
• Show Discovery and Engagement
• Music: Sources and Genres
• Social Media
• Brand Familiarity and Use

The 72 page report is now available. The report includes 59 separate charts, graphs and tables, and is also available in custom formats with data filtered by specific network viewers, age groups, brand users, etc.

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