Brands Redefining “Eating In”

1467871377707When it comes to “eating in” these days, food delivery services have become very attractive to millennials and Gen X alike.

Grubhub, Uber Eats and others have emerged as disruptors in the food industry as millennials want their favorite restaurants at their fingertips.

Using E-Score® Brand, we looked at some of the top restaurant and fast food delivery brands. We found that at this nascent stage there is little differentiation between these brands in consumers’ minds, which is common in emerging categories. Which one(s) will emerge as a leader? Here is a comparison among the core consumer group of millennials.

  • Have Used/Purchased/Viewed is a key factor when comparing food delivery services and Grubhub ranks the highest with 41%, likely benefitting from its partnership with Yelp. Grubhub is also one of the few services that allow ordering on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • While lower in Awareness than some of its competitors, Door Dash tops a tightly-packed list in Appeal with 42%.
  • The Reliable attribute is a crucial measure in food delivery. Postmates beats out the competition with 24%.


Meal Kit & Prepared Food Delivery Disruptors

For all age groups, both food delivery services and meal kits pose a potential threat to established eating-in options traditionally served by local grocery stores and take out. Here are comparisons of selected QSRs, grocery stores and the new kids on the block.

  • Although the big pizza delivery brands lead in the majority of attributes, both Grubhub and Uber Eats lead in Brand Loyalty with 63 and 61, respectively.
  • Blue Apron and HelloFresh, which both deliver ready-to-cook meal kits, have similar High-Quality scores of 30 and 31, beating out Walmart’s 10 but well behind Whole Foods’ 42.
  • The disruptor brands measured are considered more Practical than their competitors, excepting Walmart, but it should be noted that Walmart offers much more than groceries.

Taco Bell and Grubhub According to Insta-Gens

Trying to get a handle on this new area, Taco Bell’s ownership group bought a stake in Grubhub. The move opens the door to new opportunities, particularly for Insta-Gens (13-21) who may not yet drive and now have a solution to get one of their favorite fast foods at their doorstep.tacobell_grubhub

  • Insta-Gens have more affinity for Grubhub than Taco Bell, with higher scores in both Brand Loyalty and Cool, attributes that Taco Bell can now benefit from with this partnership.
  • Taco Bell, however, has one of the top scores among QSRs in Have Used/Purchased/Viewed making it a perfect complement to boost Grubhub’s score of 17.
  • Consumer Comments for Grubhub like “Creative food service to bring food to people without them having to go out” reveal the importance of convenience for Insta-Gens when it comes to food.


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