Announcing Exciting Upgrades to E-Score Celebrity


E-Score® Celebrity has been the defining celebrity rating and endorsement service for agencies, brands and the entertainment/media industry for almost 20 years.

We like to say here that E-Score is “often copied, never duplicated!”

And in that vein, we’re addressing the rapid changes in our industry by enhancing E-Score with new data and features that continue to provide you with the simplest, most-effective method of identifying celebrity endorsers, spokespeople, talent and marketing partners.

• First, celebrities are viewed based on their value for specific media demands. So why not offer a simple measurement on where each celebrity ranks in their ability to Endorse and Influence?

With careful analysis of our key attributes and our unique awareness and appeal measures, we now automatically give insight into all of these key differentiators. If you want to develop your own score, MediaSYNC® will enable you to do that too.

• Second, we have added three new questions that provide direction on a celebrity’s endorsement power, the level of celebrity fandom, and the strength of the connection consumers have with a celebrity through social media.

• Third, we’ve updated our unique attribute list to make sure it captures the most relevant, important and useful terms in today’s marketplace such as Real, Inspirational, Fake and Cool.

Here is a brief description of our new scores you can access for each celebrity you search:

Endorser Score:

By filtering key data points, our formula enables you to find the perfect endorser for any brand with the touch of a button.

Influencer Score:

A score that identifies individuals who can sway the brand preferences, buying decisions, and loyalty of the broader population or your target group.

Authentic Score:

When you want a celebrity with a believable, genuine connection to your target audience.

With 10,000 celebrities and counting, we believe the upgraded E-Score Celebrity will be another game changer in the business of monetizing “Celebrity.”

Stay Tuned: You will begin to see the new attributes appearing in early November, with the new scores, questions and an updated mobile friendly User Interface in early Q1.

The Answer to Celebrity-focused Marketing:

In addition to the coming upgrades, E-Poll recently announced another exciting development for E-Score Subscribers: GfK MRI and E-Poll Market Research have recently developed and launched MRI/E-Score Celebrity Fusion, a uniquely rich platform that visualizes and simplifies the process of choosing endorsers and spokespeople, aligning product placements, and making other key decisions for celebrity-based marketing.

The joint venture creates a powerful source of strategic guidance for agencies, advertisers, and content creators. For more information visit our blog post here.

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