Can 15 Minutes of Fame Extend to 15 Years?

492966327-612x612Little did Andy Warhol know when he said everyone will be famous for 15 minutes that social media would change all that.  When E-Score was first developed in 2001, a high Over-Exposed score was the kiss of death for anyone looking to extend their career.  Today it’s a requirement if you want to succeed in social and digital media.

When Kim Kardashian first hit the scene as a pal of Paris Hilton in 2003, who knew that a famous tape and brilliant TV marketing could extend that fame for 15 years. Over time, changing attitudes have altered how we look at celebrities and how they create their fame. To see how some of the more “infamous” celebs from a decade ago are doing today; we looked back at the most Over-Exposed, with their Aware and Appeal scores.

  • Three celebrities who are still thriving are Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. Cyrus and Bieber have successfully navigated their music careers around their outlandish behavior and came out the other side. For Kim K, continually refreshing her eponymous show, as well as the mainstreaming of “oversharing” as an artform, have kept her relevant and interesting to her audience.
  • Unfortunately for some celebrities, they didn’t leverage their exposure by re-inventing themselves and keeping their names top of mind.  For instance, The Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Nadya “Octomom” Suleman have had big drops in their Over-Exposed scores, while their plummeting Awareness indicates that they are no longer relevant to a mass market.

Over-Exposed 2018

This year’s most Over-Exposed top ten contains four hold-overs from 2013’s top ten list, five Kardashian/Jenners, one basketball dad and the “cash me outside” girl.

  • The Kardashian clan has built a huge business out of their fame, and being Over-Exposed is their winning formula. There are ten Kardashian-related celebrities in the top twenty – doubling since 2013. Their E-Score® (a proprietary score based on awareness and appeal), has increased over the years validating their formula for success.
  • Two of the newest Kardashian names on the list are Kylie (#4) and Kendall Jenner (#14), who have the highest Trend-Setter scores with 24 and 25 respectively, further illustrating how some stars benefit from Over-Exposure.

Alex Rodriguez – Tracking His Ups and Downs

E-Score Celebrity has tracked celebrity ups and downs for more than 15 years, and former baseball All-Star, Alex Rodriguez, is a perfect example of a celebrity whose career has demonstrated fluctuation.ARod

  • Winning may not cure everything in sports. A few months before winning the World Series in 2009, A-Rod was first linked to steroid use. Around the same time, his Over-Exposed score rose to 49% and Appeal fell to 19%. This kind of exposure was not a positive.
  • As a result of an unfavorable perception during his playing days, Alex Rodriguez had one of the largest declines in E-Score – hitting as low as 2, where it stayed in single digits throughout the rest of his playing career.
  • After retiring, however, A-Rod stayed in baseball as an analyst, and with a positive marketing campaign by ESPN, his likeability and insider knowledge have caused his E-Score to jump back to 61.


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