How to Identify the Strongest Entertainment/Brand Partnerships

Jurassic-World-newE-Score® Brand offers key demographic measures so brands and stakeholders alike can find the best partnership opportunities. As an example, we looked at the intersection of Frequent Moviegoers who are also Parents to see which franchises they Would Be Proud to Be Associated With, and therefore more likely to regard a partnership more favorably for their kids.

  • Star Wars owns the top spot among Entertainment Franchises parent moviegoers want to be associated with and ranks in the top 5 in Exciting and Bold making their partnership with Nissan beneficial for the car brand, which scored below average in those same metrics.
  • Parents have their own preferences too, and not all the franchises they like must be Family Friendly. Deadpool (second on our list) has above average attribute scores in Cool and Bold, and is partnered with Mikes Hard Lemonade, which has similar attributes.
  • More than half of the top 20 Entertainment Franchises parent moviegoers Would Be Proud to Be Associated With are owned by Disney.

Comparing Moviegoer Age Group Dynamics

Top Entertainment Franchises have broad familiarity among all moviegoers, but E-Score Brand lets you  find areas of strongest Appeal within your specific target demo.

  • Black Panther appears in the top 20 for both groups, but scores more than twenty points higher in Appeal among the younger demographic. Younger moviegoers also Identify With the Wakandan hero twice as much as the older demo (52 vs 26).
  • The Incredibles is #3 on the Appeal list for younger moviegoers (ages 13-37) which could prove useful in driving awareness of recent partner, Kleenex which has 64% Awareness among the younger demographic versus 81% for the older. The younger group also considers the film more High-Quality, Bold, and Exciting.
  • We don’t often think of younger people as nostalgic, but Finding Nemo is considered by the 13-37 group to be much more Classic, Influential, Powerful and Nostalgic than their older peers, revealing it was likely a formative part of their youth in a way that is not true for older audiences.

Entertainment Franchise – the Passionate Demo

As documented in our recent analysis, passion is the currency that drives brand growth, and targeting those fans is a profitable partnership strategy. E-Poll’s Passionate Fan Index (PFI) shows which Entertainment Franchises have the most engaged fans.PFI

  • Star Wars has the most passionate fans by a substantial margin, but the next four franchises are all Marvel superhero brands and nine of the top ten have Disney as their parent company.
  • Hallmark Hall of Fame Movies (#13, PFI 128) is one of the oldest Entertainment Franchises on the list, and is particularly strong with consumers age 50+. Comments like “family oriented” and “family time” reveal the likely cause for passion among these consumers.
  • Marvel Comics has a significant margin over competitor, DC Universe, (158 vs. 135) although Marvel Comics is likely being interpreted as representing the entire Marvel Universe and not just the comic books.


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