Finding Summer TV Advertising Opportunities


Summer used to be the dog days of TV advertising, but today’s summer programming themes offer advertisers exciting and unique opportunities to reach a connected audience. This week we look at three aspects of the summer season that stand out from other parts of the year.

Gather Around The TV

For certain advertisers, it is critical to reach multiple targets in a purchase decision. Whether it’s a couple making a big purchase, or a film or product both parents and kids can agree on, E-Score® Programs’ valuable co-viewing metrics reveal exactly which shows generate family viewing.

  • Unscripted programs are popular for co-viewing, holding the top five spots on the kids list and the top two spots on the spouse list.
  • Competitive reality is a favorite genre when co-viewing with kids, and ABC’s The Toy Box tops the list, although the show has been canceled after the closure of sponsor Toys R Us.
  • ABC’s sitcom The Goldbergs is the only scripted show to appear on the top ten for both co-viewing with spouse and with kids. For expanded co-viewing lists, click though to our blog post.

Ready. Set. Binge!

For the past two summers, we’ve used E-Score Programs to look at the most binge-worthy shows according to TV Influencers. This year’s list sees some changes, with an animated program at #1, superhero shows less likely to be recommended, and a strong Sci-Fi flavor.

  • Recently renewed for seventy additional episodes, Rick and Morty, comes in at the top spot with 48% recommended. Last year’s leader, Stranger Things, dropped to third as mainstream awareness likely lowered the need to recommend an already-popular show.
  • With Game of Thrones entering its final season, over 3/4 of TV Influencers say they Would Miss the Program A Lot. We’ll monitor the upcoming prequel to see if it has the same appeal among Influencers.
  • FX’s Legion is the only superhero show on this year’s list (ranked 17th), compared to five superhero shows in 2017. For the full list, click through to our blog.

Back to Reality


Reality TV is a huge part of summer programming, but which ones have the most engaged audiences? Here are some of the most compelling reality programs.

  • Summer staple Big Brother heads the list, representing a strong presence for competitive reality shows. However, another category of reality shows excel as being Easy to Join. Born This Way (#4), Nightwatch (#10) and Planet Earth II (#13) make it easier for viewers to tune in at any point during the season and still enjoy.
  • Still going strong after 20+ seasons, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and Survivor all hold some of the top Would Miss the Program A Lot (if new episodes were no longer created) rankings with scores of 50%, 47%, and 47%, respectively.
  • Among the top ten shows viewers Make a Special Effort to Watch, Fox’s The F Word with Gordon Ramsey scores highest in Easy To Join (48), making it a perfect combination for viewers looking for a show to jump in and latch on to.


E-Score Programs not only allows advertisers to see which shows are being recommended by influencers or being viewed with others but also helps uncover what makes a show binge-worthy. Using the various E-Score metrics, advertisers can accurately identify what programs reach their target demographics.


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