Which Brands Have the Most Passionate Users?

S7-vs-6S-4Brand loyalty offers stability.  Brand passion creates growth. We’ve identified brands with the highest passion index in various categories to provide brands and their marketing teams with a tool to measure their advantage over competitors.

E-Poll’s Passionate Fan Index (PFI) derives from a unique formula using E-Score® Brand to produce a comprehensive measurement of the emotional connection consumers have with a brand. Click though the different attributes in the graphs below to view some of the components that make up PFI.

  • Samsung has a ten-point lead on Apple in PFI Looking further into their attributes to uncover why Samsung leads, Samsung scores higher in Trustworthy (21 vs. 17) and Would Recommend to Friends/Family (38 vs. 26) while Apple is frequently cited as “expensive” by consumers.
  • Sony follows Microsoft’s PFI by only eight points. Their videogame systems Xbox One and PlayStation 4 likely drive both brand’s consumer fandom. Microsoft has the advantage in Loyalty and Better Than Competitors, but Playstation 4’s popularity helps Sony take the edge over Microsoft in Cool (17 vs. 9).
  • In the battle of the streaming set top box, Amazon Fire TV leads Apple TV and Roku by 17 points and 6 points respectively. Many consumers describe Amazon’s bundled Prime Video as a “great value” and an “awesome benefit of my Amazon Prime subscription!”

Who is leading in streaming media?

The category of streaming media is relatively new but some of the brands that belong to it have among the most passionate consumers.

  • YouTube and Netflix are tied at the top of the list followed by a significant 58-point drop in index rating, highlighting the dominance of the top two streaming services.
  • Among music-only streamers, Spotify scores the highest PFI, with their high brand loyalty giving them the edge over Pandora by nine points.
  • YouTube and its sister services YouTube Red (now known as YouTube Premium) and YouTube TV are all in the top ten driven by high Awareness and Loyalty scores, likely from association with the powerful YouTube brand.

Battling Amazon

Amazon holds the top overall PFI for all brands in our database at 240 (tied with Hershey’s). While Amazon dominates the Retail Brand PFI list, there is stiff competition for the second spot.Brand-PFI-Retail_d1

  • Walmart holds a strong lead against Target, driven by Walmart’s higher loyalty scores. However, Target does top Walmart in attributes such as Cool (14 vs. 7) and Trustworthy (16 vs. 12).
  • Comments from Walmart fans shout out the retailer’s “wonderfully low prices,” “excellent quality product” and having “almost everything in one store.”
  • Costco has a significant lead on one of its main competitors, Sam’s Club. Although Sam’s Club edges ahead in Awareness, Costco’s PFI lead is due to its higher Like A Lot (26) and Better Than Competitors (22) scores.


When gauging consumer fandom, E-Poll’s PFI provides a unique solution that simplifies ten different loyalty and appeal metrics into once comprehensive score measuring the emotional connection consumers have with a brand.


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