ADvance™ Case Study: Ad Integration with Follow-up

Case Study

One of the many tools of ADvance, E-Poll’s advertising effectiveness measurement system, is the option to re-contact respondents. In a recent case study of ad integration, respondents were re-contacted to discover changes in attitudes and behaviors a month after the initial exposure.

ADvance Case Study: Ad Integration with Follow-up

A major manufacturer of health supplements sponsors a daytime talk show on a broadcast network.  The network wanted to evaluate the impact of the TV portion of the sponsorship, which includes regular segment integrations.


Initial Survey

A Control/Test approach was used in which a baseline control group is established and compared to test groups evaluating the in-show sponsorship. These groups were recruited from the E-Poll panel, each meeting the same qualifying criteria and those in the test groups were exposed to integrations all focused on the same specific health supplement. Each group was administered an online survey which included their respective exposures.


Four weeks following the initial survey, respondents from the control and test groups were re-contacted and asked to take a 10-15 minute follow-up survey, in which they were asked about their purchase behavior, social media and online research history, and recommendations to others regarding this health supplement.


The re-contact survey results showed actions in the past month as well as future intent. When compared to the control group, test groups were all significantly more likely to have shopped for the supplement in the last month. When viewing future intent, all test groups were significantly more likely to say they will only consider purchasing this specific brand of supplement. Additionally, and interest in learning more about the supplement brand was strong for all test groups across the board.


Re-contacting survey respondents can offer answers that extend past initial survey results for brands looking to see an ad’s effectiveness over time or reveal how an ad influences future intent among viewers.

Build a Story

Storytelling is a critical skill for all brands. Beyond basic funnel metrics, ADvance lets brands and advertisers discover the intimate connections and positive points of differentiation that enable a brand to tell its story. ADvance’s unique features are designed to enhance your story:

  • Open-ends that let you hear from consumers in their own words to reveal the “story behind the story.”
  • Data that goes beyond limited measurements to provide insights on viewer engagement at every stage of the consumer lifecycle.
  • Multiplatform measurement, engages consumers wherever they encounter your brand.
  • Works well with any product category.
  • Measures any type of KPI.

Consistent Sample Delivery

A problem facing most turnkey providers is weak sample size that only gets smaller when looking for a targeted audience. ADvance uses E-Poll’s proprietary panel consisting of a nationally representative sample of deeply profiled consumers, enabling easy access to rare sample groups of all sorts. Some benefits of our panel include:

  • End-to-end panel management that ensures consistent results and quality at every stage.
  • Comprehensive screening, validation, and maintenance that provides reliable and high-quality panelists.
  • Recruitment though various platforms for a diverse and healthy sample size that guarantees consistent sample delivery.With apologies to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, we say, with ADvance, you’ll always get your sample.
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