Summer Music – Farewell Tours and Viva Las Vegas

concertUsing E-Score® Music, we checked in on the wave of classic music acts performing their farewell tours, and looked at how the “retirees” stack up next to each other among frequent and less frequent concertgoers.

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  • Not only does Fleetwood Mac have a higher Appeal than other names on our retirement tour list, but they also score the highest in Would Listen to Artist’s New Music suggesting that a retirement might be slightly premature.
  • For most artists, frequent concertgoers tend to have higher scores in Very Interested in Performing in a Concert and Would Listen to New Music, but Paul Simon scores the same or higher among less frequent concertgoers in these attributes, giving him a wider base of support.
  • Elton John scores the highest for interest in Featured in A Movie. The British icon could find success by taking the biopic or Netflix documentary route post-retirement.

Las Vegas Residency

Las Vegas has been a profitable destination for artists with mature music careers. We took a look at some of the most successful Vegas “residencies” to see what they have in common and who might be a good candidate for a future gig.

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  • Boyz ll Men continues to be one of Vegas’ most successful acts and have parlayed their career revitalization into new music releases. Our data backs up their success showing them with the highest Would Listen to Artist’s New Music score (41) among frequent concertgoers.
  • Britney Spears had a struggling Appeal score prior to her Vegas residency but since her decision to move to Sin City, her Appeal has raised among all levels of concertgoers – suggesting the move might have played a strong role in her turnaround. Also, see how Spears’ long relationship with Pepsi has affected her marketability.
  • Janet Jackson could be a prime candidate for a Vegas residency. Her scores for Appeal, Very Interested in Performing in a Concert, Cool and One of my Favorites are similar to Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez.

Killer Queen

Also experiencing a career resurgence is classic rock favorite, Queen. With an upcoming biopic from 20th Century Fox, and a series of Vegas shows featuring new front-man Adam Lambert, Queen looks to recapture the excitement of the once popular rock band and recent data points to success. Lambert, with an Appeal and Awareness of 29%, looks to fill the shoes of the late Freddy Mercury and could potentially improve both attributes if the shows are successful.

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  • Among both types of concertgoers and total population, Queen leads Vegas acts we measured in Appeal, Very Interested Performing in a Concert, Classic and Cool.
  • Frequent concertgoers are also the most interested in seeing the classic rock band Featured in a Movie (47), but general audiences aren’t far behind (41), which may indicate their upcoming film starring Rami Malek (20% Awareness / 55% Appeal) as Freddy Mercury, will be a must-see.
  • Over half of all respondents are Interested in Performing in a Concert (top 2) pointing to a successful stint in Vegas that could potentially lead to a longer residency or perhaps a world tour.


E-Score Music is a valuable tool for tracking and predicting the success of artists from any genre. With the ability to filter respondents by demographic or by unique features like Agreement Statements, E-Score Music can provide a focused analysis of an artist’s perception among their fans.


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