Baseball’s Marketing Triple Play: Sponsors – Players – Teams


Using E-Score® Brand and E-Score Celebrity we took a look at some of the drivers of baseball’s phenomenal growth from a marketing perspective – the sponsors, players, and teams that make up the MLB market. (See Forbes “MLB Sets Record”)

Major League Baseball is a favorable environment for sponsors. Why? We used E-Score Brand’s filter on consumers’ level of “fandom” to examine MLB sponsors and found that many are seeing significant differences in favorability among avid baseball fans.

  • After a new deal that promises to bring MLB programming and ads to the YouTube TV line up, the live TV streaming service holds one of the highest Brand Loyalty scores among MLB’s sponsors.
  • Over a third of avid baseball fans Would Recommend Budweiser to their family/friends.
  • Nearly half of avid baseball fans Identify With the tech giant, Apple.

Marketability in Major League Baseball – Players

While baseball lacks mega-stars along the lines of LeBron James or Peyton Manning, it does have a crop of extremely talented performers and up-and-coming players, who are recognized – especially by baseball fans – for their strengths.


  • Last year’s rookie sensation Aaron Judge made a big splash his first year in the league and baseball fans already consider him more Talented than Mike Trout.
  • Jose Altuve benefited from a 12-point jump in his E-Score since 2016, likely due to his championship-winning performance in the 2017 World Series.
  • This year’s rookie phenom, the Angels’ Shohei Ohtani, has promising attributes despite very low awareness in his initial E-Score Celebrity reading. We’ll be tracking him as his popularity grows.

Teams in the MLB

E-Score Brand tracks both teams and brands, to assist in creating marketing partnerships that can be mutually beneficial. Here, we look at differing perceptions of a few key franchises among baseball fans. Additionally, E-Score and custom studies can look at an entire regional market from a competitive standpoint, including other sports and teams , like this previous study.MLB_teams_c

  • When comparing both New York baseball franchises, the Yankees edge out the Mets in Classic but baseball fans consider the Mets more Family Friendly.
  • Heated rivals, Yankees and Red Sox, are neck and neck in Entertaining with 33 and 32 scores, respectively.
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox have very similar attributes, sharing close or similar scores in A Leader, Family Friendly and Fun.


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